UPDATE:  The POV Ceremony is done, and Ragan (naturally) used it on himself. Brendan then put Matt up as the replacement. He was torn between Matt and Britney. Britney went to HOH right before the ceremony and promised him safety if she wins HOH next week.

With Matt on the block-which is what he wanted-he will be able to play his Diamond POV on Thursday night, and decide who goes up as his replacement. The question now, is who Matt will put up as replacement. Will he waste the power on a weak move, like putting up Kathy? A throw-away move-or will he use it to rid himself of a power player like Britney? OR will he finally decide to take out some of his Brigade alliance, especially now that they have begun doubting him due to how close he has gotten to Ragan?  This week’s LIVE FEEDS ought to be VERY interesting as we see which way the wind blows with Matt..

Once again, the CBS Show of Big Brother 2010 does not give you the real scoop of what is going on in the house.

I don’t know (I never have) why they skew things so much that they don’t tell you TV only watchers. Only on the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS do you know the real story.

When Ragan came on for the umpteenth time talking about being “bullied” I had to turn it off. Yes, Brendan had harsh words for Ragan, and granted, he and Rachel can be extremely irritating ,  but for all of us Live Feeders, we know that Brit and Ragan, who play such pitiful victims on the CBS show, are truly some of the meanest, nastiest players we have ever seen.

The BIG NEWS today is:

A) Rachel is gone, and Brendan is back- and everyone is scrambling to get their version of the battles that went on between Rachel and Brit/Ragan.

B) New Sabo message-stating that there would be a new “game changing” competition today.

No one knows if this is actually true,so SIGN UP TODAY to see what kind of comp happens today.

Also, the Brigade is quickly falling apart, as Matt’s shady behaviour is causing the rest of the Brigade to mistrust him. He is pushing hard to get put up. We, of course, know that he wants to get on the block, so he can use the Diamond POV, take himself down and replace himself with Kathy- thereby saving himself, Ragan, and Britney and still having  his Brigade alliance. I think his rep with the Brigade is damaged beyond repair.

Brit and Ragan both think that everyone hates Brendan and wants to get rid of him asap. The truth is, that Hay/Enz have made a pseudo alliance with Brendan and plan on keeping him-targeting Britney and Ragan(and possibly Matt)  as their next targets.

Hay/Enzo have been pushing Brendan hard to put up Brit, but no one knows what Brendan will do?

STAY TUNED or Sign up for the most important POV ceremony AND possible extra competition today!

What is your opinion of Ragan as Sabo. To me.. he has not really taken any risks. It seems pretty easy to record messages in the DR and let them be played while you sit in complete safety..

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