Well, We had our first endurance comp in the Big Brother 2010 house.

The HG’s were put up on surfboards, where they had to balance themselves while being pelted with periodic sprays of icy cold water on the jiggling boards.

Disappointingly, several people fell quickly, and it turned into a three man fight.

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Andrew, Matt and Ragan were the only ones who really made this feel like a competition. For a time, Andrew looked like he might win this, but from the beginning, Matt looked the most comfortable.

Andrew finally lost the fight and fell, and it then there were two..

Ragan and Matt began wheeling and dealing almost immediately. Ragan offered to fall, and give the HOH to Matt (who wasn’t going anywhere anyway) as long as he didn’t put up Rachel. Ragan wanted to call the others out to talk about what they were planning. Matt’s primary target (he claimed) was Kathy. I assume that is because she voted to keep Monet.

The really interesting part of this ho-hum Endurance Comp was the Have-have not component. Our have-nots are Brendan, Enzo, Andrew and Ragan. It was not just endurance, but also a psychological game, if you quit, you eat..

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UPDATE:11:45 BBT- Looks like Matt cut a deal with Brenchel and plans to put up Kathy with Andrew as pawn- but will probably backdoor Brendan if he gets the chance. Stay tuned for noms, later today

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