A new twist was revealed to the HG’s yesterday afternoon in the Big Brother 2010 house. See below for details and SPOILERS!

The HG’s spent the evening mostly hanging out in the Hot-Tub, and general chit-chatting.

Rachel and Monet put on a gymnastics display. You gotta see this. Sign up here for the 24/7 Live Feeds, and don’t miss out on anything. Already, several of the HG’s are getting ready to boil over, and you don’t want to miss it when it happens. Plus, with the Flashback feature, you will never miss anything. You have the ability to fast-forward and rewind and see any of the craziness that happens.

Rachel and Monet perform for the other HG's

Rachel getting high

Kathy was sick, right before the Have Not comp. Apparently, it was so serious she had to have IV fluids, and was given the choice to sit out the comp. She declined, and ended up battered and bruised.

The Have-Not, no food situation is hitting her and Ragan particularly hard.

Kathy feelin' it

Ragan feeling weak

The HG’s had another shock as they were called into the Living Room, and the Sabo came on the screen. He/She revealed a new twist.  Two of the people in the house, have a “Lifelong Frienship” or “Have a previous BB alliance.” Sooo..

Things fell out fast and furious as people immediately began trying to figure it out.

The love story continues with “Brachel”. I am liking these two more and more. With Rachel on the block, Brendan is working hard to try to save her. Hayden seems fixed on putting up Annie as a replacement today. Brendan considers Annie a possible alliance, and wants him to put Monet up instead. Hayden told him that only by putting up Annie, could he guarantee that Rachel stays.

Things heat up for the showmance

Who do you think Hayden will name as a replacement when Brendan takes himself off the block?

Who do you want to see named as replacement?

Monet as replacement?
Annie in hotseat?Stay tuned as Hayden makes his choice.

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Bye, ya’ll

Addendum: Annie came out to Ragan and Kristen about her bisexuality, and told them that her “boyfriend” was actually a “girlfriend”. She asked them not to tell anyone else. I believe she made a pretty good choice, those two seem fairly trustworthy, at least so far. What do you think?

**UPDATE- Looks like they maybe getting ready for the POV ceremony, and the replacement noms.

Jump on the LIVE FEEDS and stay tuned for results!

Also, Bratney (my new name for her from now on) was showing her colors last night, mocking Andrew and his Judaism, and trash-talking Rachel’s body.

***UPDATE- FEEDS BACK!  Annie and Hayden talking. Annie TICKED at Bratney.  She is telling Hayden that she can’t stand Bratney, and they she has been lying on her. She says she never had an alliance with Brendan, but was just trying to be nice to everyone, and that all the stories floating around came from Bratney.

Haven’t had the ceremony yet, and Annie is pleading her case.

Annie pleading her case.

hayden talks to annie

**UPDATE- 11:52 BBT- BB just announced outdoor lockdown.  Getting ready for POV ceremony??? Stay tuned!

***UPDATE! They are back! Annie is on the block with Rachel!

Annie packing

Annie called out Britney!  Can’t wait to hear how that went!!!

OMG!!Just caught BRatney in a big lie! she was just telling Brendan how she doesn’t lie, and said how Annie told her that Brendan asked her to be in an alliance and she told him no way! That is a flat out lie. Bratney is QUITE the little liar.  and NOW she is pulling a poor, little innocent me.. and that ain’t right..

I would rather Annie go than Rachel, but it is a shame, because she was a good little pot stirrer.  Hmmm..

annie called out Brit

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