The Nominations have been revealed in Big Brother 2010!

Lane has made his nominations, and while they may be somewhat surprising, there is a method to their madness.

He has nominated Ragan, as expected, with Enzo as pawn.


He and Hayden planned this-although I am not sure it was completely with Enzo’s blessing. They did not want to put up Britney- although I am sure they have her in reserve in case Ragan wins POV.  HOWEVER, if Ragan shares with Brit his theory about the three boys, and she wins the POV, there is a small chance she could take Ragan down, thereby forcing Lane to put Hayden up. with Hayden and Enzo both on the block.. It could be the end of the Brigade.

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And.. Hang on tight, as we anticipate the POV tomorrow!!!

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