And the UPDATES keep coming! 4:50 pm BBT- BB just posted the “Nominations Today” Sign!  The HG’s are getting ready.

What a day! Stay tuned!

UPDATE- Annie has been sequestered! There were rumors that the first three evictees would be put in sequester, most likely to have the chance to re-enter the Big Brother 2010 House, due to the 14th person dropping out at the last minute

NEW UPDATE- BB just announced to the HG’s that Annie was the Sabo-They showed them the video of the pranks. The HG’s are patting themselves on the back for beating BB and evicting the saboteur in the first week.

Annie revealed to the HG's

UPDATE!!  Just got a bleed from Rachel’s DR session.   Production told her that he was so happy she was going to be the host today, and that she just needed to have a lot of energy, be excited… then it cut.  I LOVE production bleeds!!

So.. They must be JUST about to start the Have Not, and then have Noms in a bit.  Rachel has met with all the other HG’s for “interview time”. A process that began with Jessie (I think)- when the HOH interviews every single person in the house…

Stay tuned and if you want to see for yourself how the HG’s react after the Have Not Comp, and up to and after Nominations today.

UPDATE 7:25 BBT- Unusually long Nomination Ceremony-  Nominations coming!!

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NEW–UPDATE!- Have/Have Not Comp over- Looks like the Have Nots are Brendan, Enzo, Monet and Britney- NOT Andrew!!. They were all wearing green, and will be allowed to eat Fish Sticks.  I predict that Enzo will crack very quickly.  Brendan is already close to tears because he cannot sleep with Rachel in the HOH! Rachel offered to sleep with him in the Have Not room. Puhleeze!

No allnighters in the HOH

Hayden is a Have- Enzo is a Have Not

Nominations today in the Big Brother 2010 House.   Who will “Brachel” Nominate??

Brit in hot seat?

Will the Besties be Besties no more?

Monet targeted?

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Hmmm.. Interesting poll results.. Brendan promised Hayden that if he saved Rachel, by leading the house to vote out Annie, that he would not put him up. I, for one, believe him. He claims to be all about being “honorable”.  Tell us why you don’t buy it...

A new regime is in place today as “Brachel” are crowned king and queen of the house.

newly crowned

Rachel received her HOH room and bag of goodies, which included a bottle of tequila.  Rachel drank almost the whole bottle, and could barely even walk, stumbling down the stairs.

Stumbling down from the HOH room

Meanwhile, Britney, Monet, Enzo and Kathy went on a hard-core search for the cricket-noise maker and Voila! Found two of them!

Finding the "cricket".

In another room, two other HG’s were getting closer. I think we can put the brother/sister rumor to bed, so to speak.

not siblings- at least I hope not...

I will be updating today, as the LIVE FEEDS reveal who is nominated for eviction..

Stay tuned!!

UPDATE-  Check out this Link to Julie’s blog, –  That Julie- she may look sweet, but she doesn’t pull many punches!  I love that!

Monet very nervous

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