I’ll tell you the truth. It’s not often in this Big Brother 14 Season that I’m literally on the edge of my seat. But last night, that was the understatement of the year. I *cough* may have even lost a bit of my lady-like demeanor when Frank won POV, since there happens to be a rift in my family between me and the hubby…Yes. I hate to admit it. I harbor a Dan man in my home. (Actually–to be honest, he’s for Ian–and so am I–if Frank can’t win. How awesome would it be to see an Ian/Frank F2?)

You already know that Frank won HOH.  And once that happened, the dynamic of the house has once again–and irrevocably– turned on its head. Love him or hate him, Frank is an amazing player. Now, he’ll have to use his brains against a house that’s completely against him. No matter who says what, he’s playing alone. Now all the kids are part of the cool group and Frank’s the only outsider, smoking cigarettes outside shop class.

Frank has one mission in mind, and one only. To get Dan out of the house. And now…*gleefully rubs hands together* we are FINALLY going to see the real Dan Gheesling stand up. Dan’s been playing possum for the entire game. He admits this freely. But he can’t hide anymore. The President is on the verge of impeachment. He’ll do anything, and I do mean anything, to stay.

Dan had already been talking of ratting out Ian, and sure–if Ian hadn’t outed himself–that might’ve been a viable option. But Frank doesn’t blame Ian. Maybe he ought to. But he doesn’t. Dan’s already laying down the schemes to get either Ian or Joe put up next to him, though he’s told both of them he’ll stay true no matter what.

But Frank’s a truth-teller. And once he gets wind of who Dan’s pitching under that bus’ wheels, Frank will just tell that person. Frank won’t buy it. He’s putting up Dan and Dani. Done. No compromises. And he’s already told Brit if Shane wins and uses POV, Brit will go up.

Brit and Ian both have already scurried out of the way of the oncoming freight train named Frank and have jumped on board with the engineer. How long they’ll stay onboard, tooting that train horn, I can’t say. But you can expect a level of scheming this week to rival any in the history of Big Brother.

Will you be there to see all this play out??  YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL!! And get to see the way this plays out all the way through POV!! 

How do you feel about last night’s events?  Who should Frank send home? 

NOTE: Early this am–Danielle–after talking to Brit,and realizing it’s likely she could lose Dan, went up to HOH and tried to cut a F2 deal with Frank. Brit and Shane have each other. If he goes and you want to work with me. You’ll be my Dan.

NOTE 2: Joe’s HOH speech was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Though I don’t think it was intentionally cute–and the guy was simply out of breath–It will soon become a classic!

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