Hi guys,

It’s Janet—your old Bigbigbrother leader. I’ve missed you all so much!!! *hugs*

I haven’t commented this season, but have been reading Todd’s awesome posts and just want to say…GREAT JOB, Todd!!

Anyhoo, everyone is right. This is–unfortunately–Derrick’s game to lose. Like him or not, he’s played brilliantly. Almost Dan-esque–Season one. He’s on no one’s radar, except Donny’s, and bless Donny’s bearded heart, he has no one except Nicole.



I agree, they should’ve given the returning HG a week of safety. Otherwise, what good does it really do? The Bomb Squad/Detonators have run the house this whole season which makes for a snooze-fest. What I am waiting for now is to watch when they turn on Christine, and she sees how little she really meant to her “alliance.” That she was used the entire time. Mwahahaaaa…


And OH!! I cannot WAIT for them to give Frankie the boot! That will tickle me more than any thing else this season. His arrogance and mememe attitude makes me throw up a bit in my mouth several times a day. Ugh… Tastes TERRIBLE.


Also, we know Derrick isn’t going to let Cody go to the end, either. That would be too close for Derrick’s comfort, vote-wise.

We all know how this plays out.

Derrick and Victoria (the most useless BB player in history) winds up as the F2. And…sure, we’d all love to see Donny or Nicole make it there, but that would take a BB miracle, so  COME ON, BB—give us a Diamond POV or some other wacky, major power.


*Waits patiently*


Then FIGHT, oh bearded one. FIGHT for that POV today! You can do it! We know you can!!!

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