September 1, 2011

Final 6 Eviction and Upcoming HOH


Game talk dominated yesterday in the Big Brother 2011 House. Waves of promises crashed over the RoJo alliance, from Shelly and Adam off and on all day.

The two girls went back and forth on whom to trust. Rachel leaned toward Shelly, only because she believes she will not win any comps in the F3. But Jordan is dead-set on sending her to Jury. I don’t think it’s even a question at this point.

Tonight we’ll see Shelly having a little chat with Julie Chen.

Kalia and Porshe got miffed yesterday-FLASHBACK 11:50 am BBT, when RoJo kept asking them to stay inside, so they could talk to Shelly and Adam respectively. Kalia pouted that no one had campaigned to her, and that no one really cared how she was voting. She planned to piggyback on whoever the other two voted, but they’re not talking. She really wants to keep Adam, since she believes that HE believes the two of them have a F2 deal. Adam, however, knows her deal is bogus, and plans to work with RoJo.

Last night, FLASHBACK 12:44am BBT, Adam did his “Adam at Night” talk to the Live Feeders (thanks Adam!) declaring his loyalty to Jordan and Rachel and his intentions to play it out with the two of them. He spoke of how Kalia and Porshe slept through 2/3 of the game and how it irks him that they are playing the game for Dani… He can’t get behind that, and plans to play an honest head-to-head game against Jordan and Rachel.

Tonights HOH is absolutely crucial. As of early this am- the Backyard was still not closed, leading us to believe the comp might be questions-which is good for Porshe/Kalia and bad for Rachel/Jordan. But remember, Jordan has come very, VERY close in several comps,

The LIVE FEEDS should be cracking today, as Shelly makes a last-ditch effort to stay. Expect tears to flow and lies to pile up deeper than the foam in the soap HOH. Give the FREE TRIAL a shot, to watch the exciting fallout from tonight’s comp.

August 31, 2011

What to Do..What to Do.. Big Brother 2011


It happens almost every season. ¬†Especially the years where the big competitors get taken out, and only the second-tier folks are left. ¬†This year’s Big Brother 2011 is no exception. In the last couple of weeks, considering who all’s left in the game, Things may get a little… well, boring.

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August 30, 2011

Big Brother 2011-Playing the Lying Game


How many times have you read angry comments from folks on Big Brother 2011 sites like this, Facebook, or Twitter saying “Come on people! THIS IS JUST A GAME!”

Well, they’re right. All the people out there who hate Shelly above and beyond a game level need to understand something. There is nothing wrong with going into Big Brother planning on playing the “Lying Game.” The issue most people have with her is that she either A) Did it so badly, it became pathetic. Or (the more likely scenario) B) She STILL refuses to admit–even to us– that she’s lying. C) She, herself, doesn’t know she’s playing that lying game.. In her own mind, she’s playing with honor.

Playing the lying game is a legitimate BB strategy. Several past HG have done it quite sucessfully. Dr. Will came into his first season and on day one, told the other HG’s that he would lie, manipulate them, and get into their heads to win the game. And he did. Dan, on his season, didn’t tell the other Houseguests, but he told us in his Diary Room sessions.

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August 29, 2011

Big Brother Week 8 VETO Ceremony


Today’s the Big Brother 2011 Week 8 Veto Ceremony, where Rachel and Jordan will come off the block. Porshe’s deciding to open Pandora’s box breathed new life into the Rojo alliance, and Rachel’s win assured the duo’s safety this week.

Shelly and Adam will, of course, go up as replacement noms and looks like there’s no question who’ll go.

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August 28, 2011

Big Brother 2011 VETO Fall-out and Apologies all around


You knew it would happen. It shows a degree of decency seldom seen in this Big Brother 2011 season.

Jordan apologized to Shelly for the things she said to her on Thursday night. Even though it was absolutely justified, Jordan took the high road. Exactly as we all knew she would. FLASHBACK 1:40am BBT

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