August 5, 2010



Bye, bye Kristin. I, for one, will not miss you in Big Brother 2010.

Ragan is the saboteur??  Hmmm..and Enzo was America’s second choice?  I think we might have dropped the ball there.  Ragan is way too timid to make a sucessful sabo. I mean, he might surprise us, but I SO wanted Britney. She would have rocked that position. Enzo would have made me vomit..

I thought the edit CBS gave Kristin was really interesting.. The boyfriend was WAY hotter than Hayden, is she NUTS?? I feel really sorry for him, but he is much better off.  Played with dignity??? Uh..since when is cheating dignified??

If you do not have the LIVE FEEDS, you REALLY need to jump on them here right now.. I TOLD you we had an awesome endurance comp coming up and WOOWEE.. This one looks to be  one of the classic, long–LONG lasting ones..

Here is a little taste of what we Live Feeders are viewing right now..

Brit gets slapped


Brendan is NOT happy

OK- I am gonna just admit it.. WIMPIEST HG’s EVER!!!  Pathetic wimps!  Makes me MAD!!

BB spent two days putting this together and these wimps fell in minutes.  Sorry guys..  Sorry..

Oh.. In case anyone cares..  Matt refused to fall for Ragan, so Ragan got down and Matt is the new HOH.

At least the wheeling and dealing will start tomorrow…

August 5, 2010

Week 4 Live Eviction Big Brother 2010 Show!- Endurance Comp coming?? UPDATE–


Well, it is here.. The Week 4 Big Brother 2010 Live Eviction Day!

UPDATE-The HG’s have been on lockdown since 6am yesterday morning.  I think the chances of a HUGE Endurance Comp are about 97% by now. Sign up, Sign up, Sign up!! I want EVERYONE to get to experience watching a long endurance comp.  If you have never had the live feeds, you cannot imagine how cool it is, to actually see the whole thing play out, instead of bits and pieces on the CBS show….

THIS COULD BE IT!! The biggest challenge of the year!  All the signs are here.   Who will have the strength to hang on, hang in, hold out.  As you know, the longest endurance comp of all time lasted almost 14 hours.  Let’s hope this one doesn’t go QUITE that long..YAY for the FEEDS! This is when I get totally psyched to have them! My family traditionally orders pizza on endurance night, and we do updates all night to each other. My sons stay up late and we get up early, so it words out great.. WOOHOO!

The HG’s have been locked up in the HOH room for several hours now, which is also very unusual..  (Ominous music playing)

HG’s waiting it out in the HOH

Brenchel and Matt are having a very telling conversation in the HOH bed.  It is basically a Q & A of “What would you let me do?”  Sample”  R: If I wanted to go out with this guy, who had a lot of  money, would you let me? B: Uh no..  R- If my sister’s boyfriend invited me to go on a cruise would you let me go?  B: Is your sister present? R:No, but we are just friends- and he has a lot of money. B: Why would you want to go on a cruise with your sister’s boyfriend?  Now if she was going too, then  of course..

This went on and on..  Rach: IF me and my friends wanted to go out on the town, would you pick up the tab for us?  Br: You have to understand that I am not on the same “Platinum Card” level of what you are used to, but I would try to..

What I got out of this, is this relationship is going to go down the crapper unless Brendan ends up with a half million at the end of it..   I believe that each of them would be better players and easier to take separately. Example:  Jeff and Jordan made each other stronger.  These two weaken each other- unless they keep winning comps..

Here is Rach moving out of the HOH room.  Brendan threw the sheets down the stairs, and I’ll bet everyone ran for cover.. eww..

I don’t think this week’s eviction will come as any surprise. I believe that, once again, we will have a house united,and we will see a 6-1 vote for Kristin to leave, with only Kathy as the dissenting vote.  No one else is going to go out on a limb to save her, no matter what they have been telling her.

The big news tonight, is that we have a possible ENDURANCE comp!! The last one, was something of a bust, with no one staying on the surfboards for more than a couple of hours.  The HG’s have been locked inside for more than 24 hours, which is always a good indication that we have a big comp coming.

This is your chance to sign up for what the LIVE FEEDS were made for… It is your chance to watch the LIVE Endurance comp!  There is no other way to see these comps for yourself, and witness all the dealing that goes on at the end.

Everyone is prepared to go for the long haul this time, especially Brendan, who knows that his winning is the only chance he and Rachel have to stay in the house.

Kristin never gave up, trying to win over votes, but I believe she knows now, that it is all but a wrap for Hayden to stay.

Rachel got her HOH camera yesterday and Ragan gave us some of the funniest bits I have seen yet on the LIVE FEEDS, imitating Rachel- who was there, laughing with the rest.

Picture time.. yay...

The “Brigade” as an alliance, has not proved themselves as anything yet, but a voting block.  An alliance of floaters have no right to compare themselves to some of the biggest and best BB alliances, (like Chilltown). You have to DO something, so we will see if tonight, as they are put to the test. Last night, Enzo was talking about being embarrassed about being in this season- that it is a season of wimps with no one going on on a limb.  He is right about that, and he is a founding member of  Wimp-Town. Hey! That is a better name than The Brigade! What do you think??

Britney is playing the best game right now, I think. She is scamming both sides, and is in a pretty great position, no matter who goes up.  She may be half demon, but the girl has mad skills. And no– this picture is not edited in any way.. scary.. huh??

Is her head going to spin around, and is she gonna spew pea soup?

Today is the best chance to sign up for a FREE TRIAL of the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS- to get in before the upcoming competition!

Schmoozing with the HOH

August 4, 2010

Love Loses Out in Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler alert


The Big Brother 2010 house was fairly quiet last night, as most everyone spent the night running from Kristin. It is obvious now that she has chosen to leave love behind, and fight for herself against her sweetheart, Hayden.  She also (finally) took off that ridiculous wig and hippietard, and got cleaned up, before replacing it with her spare.

Get your free trial of the LIVE FEEDS. It is really funny how everyone tries to avoid her.. Enzo in particular is adept at this.

The big news is that tonight, on the show, we will find out who America chose to be the next America’s Player.  Will they accept?  (PLEASE let it be Britney!)

I believe we still have a catfight boiling up, that should come to a full boil before eviction. Rachel was incensed to learn that, while she was napping, Kristin sneaked upstairs to try to talk “her man” into keeping her (Kris). Kr told Br that Rachel would not be there forever and he would need someone in the game. Woowee! That got Rachel’s back up, and Brendan had to talk her down.. (dang!) But, she has not forgotten it, and I see a confrontation between the two of them coming very soon.. (Get those feeds, guys!)
There is also a game going on, where the brigade, plus Britney, tries to trap one another with Brendan when he begins telling one of his long-winded stories.
On a personal note, I don’t mind it when Brendan starts talking about more global, intellectual things. He spoke about politics, schools, etc.. It is when he tells the stories about himself over and over that it gets tedious.

Kristin is repeating herself over, over and over to each person in the house, about how much this sucks, and how she deserves to be there. Hayden is a little shocked at how hard Kristin is campaigning to stay.
Hayden is not really campaigning, but has asked for votes that he is not sure of.
Kristin has deluded herself into believing that she has at least three votes..Kathy, Britney and Lane. Ragan is the only one who told her the truth- that she will have only one, most likely. That pi$$ed her off, and now she doesn’t want to talk to him any more.

It is really bugging me, how naive Brenchel (or- Radon, as my friend Matt calls them on His theory is that Rachel always puts herself first, and overpowers him, like Radon gas). I can’t believe that this couple truly doesn’t get how much everyone is going after them. If you listen to them, they talk about how this person is not after them, and that person is on their side.. WOW! Uh… sugar-butt.. EVERYONE is after you.

My theory on Brendan and Rachel is this.. (and gotta give a shout out to Hubby on this theory), Brendan was a science nerd, and has only recently come into his good looks. Before this show, he only dated regular girls, and this is the first time he has had anyone like Rachel. Therefore, she has put the hoodoo on him with her giant boobs, and he will do anything and everything she wants.
Sign up for the FREE trial of the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS to see if Kristin is successful in her campaign against Hayden. Also, only two days away from the next HOH comp, which will turn the house upside down once again.
One more thing. Do any of you our there have any theories on what in the heck the deal is with Kathy?? She is still going around, just mad as can be because Kristin is on the block. If she had any idea how hard Kristin and Hayden campaigned for her to go up.. Is she really that dumb? Could it be possible??

Where is your head, woman?

For all you voyeurs out there.. Yep, Rachel and Brendan did the nasty again last night, although it sure didn’t last long this time.. For shame.. lol..

uh.. 5 minutes later..

August 3, 2010

Quit beggin’ ya hear?….. Big Brother 2010- Updated through the Day- Video!


Well, it was status quo on the big brother 2010 house last night, with Kristin begging everyone for her life.

Spoiler Alert!

Also Whiner alert!

Last night was a night for whining. Kristin decided that she was not giving up, and cornered HG after HG explaining how she “deserves to be here”, and how good of a player she is, she is the strongest girl in the house… On, and on, and on… Well, I guess I don’t really see what she had done to deserve to stay. On the other hand, not real sure what Hayden has done, either.

it’s hard to take her seriously in that wig.

Ragan tries to give her hope

The other whining that went on was… big surprise… Brendan. Rachel got snockered,(again) and was flashing boobs everywhere, going on and on about how she loves Vegas, she IS Vegas, blah,blah.

check out the bikini top

Mr. Sensitive got hurt, because he is not a “flashy person” with a lot of money, and that is what she was

into before. He wants her to leave Vegas and come to LA with him. She went off on him for not understanding that “Vegas is in my soul, is half of my heart.. I AM Vegas, Brendan.” Yep.. she said that..

So, once again, they got into a big fight. Well, that is if you call him begging her to understand his feelings, and her eye-rolling, then they fell into bed together.

Here is a new video from our friends at Thanks, Ryan!!

please stay with me- Miss Vegas..

The other thing I don’t get is Kathy.. She seems like she is mad that she wasn’t put up. Does she not know that Kristin and Hayden were pushing HARD to get her put up? She actually told Hayden “Now you have messed with my babies, and that means I am coming after you.” Talking about Rachel putting Kristin and Hayden up, instead of her.. uh.. okay??

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of  the LIVE FEEDS- You know we have a double eviction coming up!! And see if Kristin’s campaigning will turn negative against Hayden. Gotta tell ya, it is skirting the edge of negative, even though she promised she wouldn’t.  The funny thing is, that she believes she has several people’s vote- including two members of the brigade..  yeah, okay…

There was whining from almost all quarters of the house.

Kristin has had talks with everyone in the house, and believes that she

August 2, 2010

Big Deals Cut in Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler Alert*POV UPDATE


There is some big wheeling and dealing going on tonight in Big Brother 2010.

The turmoil caused by Andrew’s crazy (but honest) departure speech continues…

UPDATES on POV will follow all day!

**UPDATE** Britney did NOT use the POV..  She and Rachel had a last minute talk, and Rachel had grave reservations about putting Kathy up against Kristin. Rachel wants Kristin GONE, and she is most likely to be gone. Frankly, I am tired about her whining about how she has no job, no money, no boyfriend

sSister.. you did that to yourself. Rachel is not my favorite person, but Jeez-Louise.. She apologized to you.. and She is the HOH! You refused to accept her apology, and therefore wrote your own ticket home, and HELLO.. the boyfriend.. uh… yeah.. if I saw my boyfriend under the covers with another girl writhing around night after night??? Sorry.. if you lost him, that is your fault, too..  This was just not your game, sugar..

Whereas Brit is playing it cool as a cucumber right now.. she went from the hottest of hotseats, to everyone’s favorite alliance partner..

Kristin backstabbing her "BFF"

If you haven’t yet signed up for your free trial for the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS- Sign up now, Today will be the POV Ceremony– WHAT will Brit do??

Rachel and Kristin continued sniping together over the last couple of days.

begging for her life

Britney got sick of the begging--

With Britney’s POV win, things looked pretty settled- with Kristin going home.

Kristin has spent the last day begging for her life in the house, crying about how she has left everything behind, and if she goes home before jury house, she will have nothing.

Now… new deals are being slung around. Last night, Krayden went to Brenchel and cut a major deal, and have included Britney in it. The details are..Britney takes Hayden down, and Rachel puts up Kathy. Kristin stays, Kathy goes, and Brendan and Rachel are safe for the next two weeks.. Right..

As soon as Kristin and Hayden left the HOH with this new deal hot in their hands, they laughed at how naive Brenchel were, and promised that whomever wins the next HOH, they will go back on their word, and go after Brendan and Rachel.

Enzo and Lane are not happy about the secret meetings going on, and are trying to pry Hayden away from Kristin. They believe his attachment to her is detrimental to “The Brigade”. They are still trying to convince Britney not to use the POV, so they can get rid of Kristin and get it back to “Bros before Ho’s”.. It is very likely that the remaining members of the brigade will vote out Kristin to bring Hayden back to the Brigade fold

Come on… Brendan and Rachel,  duh.. of COURSE they are all going after you.. This is Big Brother.

Jump on the LIVE FEEDS now, to see who is lying, who is double dealing, who is getting the shaft..


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