Another wild night in the Big Brother 2014 house, as the HGs were sharing information and another House Meeting was called on Big Brother 16! Yup, these HGs will sleep all day and then proceed to stay up until like 6am BBT. All the action happens in the wee hours of the night, so sleep all day like them and stay up at night to get all the fun. Check out the highlights from Saturday in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

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Early in the day, we saw Christine and Nicole chatting about a possible F4 deal with Derrick and Cody. Didn’t Nicole try this with Hayden as well and we saw how great that ended! They also talked about Frankie and his stupid “big secret” from the night before and Nicole said if his sister is so famous then why can’t she donate money to his charity??? (BAM!!!) Nicole also talked with Donny and he was all anti-Derrick and he is running the house and working with Cody, but he likes Cody more.

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The rest of the day was random talk about Frankie and Derrick worried about how America would react if they voted Donny out. Frankie talking about how famous he is and all his followers and he has a manager. It was another late start to the Veto Competition, but it finally took place and we saw Zach won the veto. This pretty much sealed the deal on Donny going home this week. Frankie goes to Zach and kisses his butt after his victory and Zach actually listens this time and talks, but who knows if he truly meant it.

The craziness began later at night when paranoia took over Derrick! We saw Zach talk with Victoria and he blew up The Detonators, again! He goes all over the place, but tells her Derrick is working with them and he doesn’t have her back, but later tells her that it was Zach’s idea for the alliance and you don’t say no to an alliance. Victoria goes to Nicole with this info and is upset with Derrick. Nicole then goes to Cody with this info and let the paranoia officially kick in.

Derrick eventually calls a house meeting, which got nothing solved. The whole thing went in circles. We had Zach and Victoria arguing. Cody left early and then Victoria and Nicole left. It was all a mess and Zach admitted to lying to Victoria about Derrick and Derrick played the whole house. It is insane, but he does his thing and makes everyone else take the blame or fall for him. He is an amazing player, like him or not.

He eventually talked with Victoria and somehow turned it around on her and not being able to trust her since she went around talking about him behind his back! Trust is huge for him and she made him question that with her. It is truly unbelievable, but now she’ll be kissing his butt to stay longer in the game.

While things don’t look great for Donny, you just never know. There was talk of a backdoor plan on Nicole, but not so sure if Christine would do it. We have way too long before Thursday night and a whole day for Christine to be talked into doing it. The night ended with Frankie sleeping in the HoH bed and Christine downstairs….makes sense, right?

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