July 12, 2010

Slip-(nip)-in’ and Slidin’ in the Big Brother 2010 House *Spoiler* Updated Pics–


The ladies of the Big Brother 2010 house used their skills yesterday afternoon, crafting a slip and slide, using trash bags, soap and a hose. The HG’s had a ball sliding on their makeshift toy. Get the live feeds here, and see this for yourself..

Everyone took their turn:

*Spoiler Alert*

Who do you think should go on Thursday?

Rachel works on the slip and slide

The girls set up the slide

Andrew slides

rachel slips

Monet rocks


Umm-we're checking for what??

Brendan comforts Rachel after POV ceremony

Spoiler Alert

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Those crazy kids in the BY were soaping up and slipping around everywhere.  There are also a couple of gymnasts in the house, so that ought to become interesting.

We had our first blow up and first confrontation today..  OOO!

Replacement Noms were announced, and as expected- Annie was put up in place of Brendan, who used the POV on himself. Annie took it very badly, apparently calling Britney out for lying on her to everyone.

After the ceremony, she even went off on Brendan, who had been trying to help her, even after he learned that she wanted Rachel and him broken up.

Rachel was in tears, even though she has been told by everyone that she was safe.

Brendan was very hurt by Annie’s attack, he thought they were close. After spending some time being ticked off, he showed the kind of person he is by offering her comfort and trying to boost her spirits.

Brendan is Captain Compassion

Annie is not going down without a fight. She stayed up all night trying to convince all the HG’s that Brendan and Rachel needed to be broken up. She even called them the “Jeff and Jordan” of this season. She even sat down and apologized to Britney. Britney told her she never wanted her out… right..

Andrew got plastered last night on one beer.

Andrew feelin' good

He even insisted on eating a chocolate chip cookie that was not kosher. The other HG’s tried to stop him. He ended his night by scaling the bedroom wall.  He is a funny drunk.

See the HG’s antics  for yourself on the 24/7 Live Feeds. They have forgotten about the cameras, and are letting their freak flags fly.

Deepening Love or Showmance- You decide..

And the  love saga continues:

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July 11, 2010

New Twist Revealed in Big Brother 2010 House. **Spoiler Replacement Noms Update**


A new twist was revealed to the HG’s yesterday afternoon in the Big Brother 2010 house. See below for details and SPOILERS!

The HG’s spent the evening mostly hanging out in the Hot-Tub, and general chit-chatting.

Rachel and Monet put on a gymnastics display. You gotta see this. Sign up here for the 24/7 Live Feeds, and don’t miss out on anything. Already, several of the HG’s are getting ready to boil over, and you don’t want to miss it when it happens. Plus, with the Flashback feature, you will never miss anything. You have the ability to fast-forward and rewind and see any of the craziness that happens.

Rachel and Monet perform for the other HG's

Rachel getting high

Kathy was sick, right before the Have Not comp. Apparently, it was so serious she had to have IV fluids, and was given the choice to sit out the comp. She declined, and ended up battered and bruised.

The Have-Not, no food situation is hitting her and Ragan particularly hard.

Kathy feelin' it

Ragan feeling weak

The HG’s had another shock as they were called into the Living Room, and the Sabo came on the screen. He/She revealed a new twist.  Two of the people in the house, have a “Lifelong Frienship” or “Have a previous BB alliance.” Sooo..

Things fell out fast and furious as people immediately began trying to figure it out.

The love story continues with “Brachel”. I am liking these two more and more. With Rachel on the block, Brendan is working hard to try to save her. Hayden seems fixed on putting up Annie as a replacement today. Brendan considers Annie a possible alliance, and wants him to put Monet up instead. Hayden told him that only by putting up Annie, could he guarantee that Rachel stays.

Things heat up for the showmance

Who do you think Hayden will name as a replacement when Brendan takes himself off the block?

Who do you want to see named as replacement?

Monet as replacement?
Annie in hotseat?Stay tuned as Hayden makes his choice.

And sign up here for the Superpass 24/7 Live Feeds to get total, uncensored access.

Bye, ya’ll

Addendum: Annie came out to Ragan and Kristen about her bisexuality, and told them that her “boyfriend” was actually a “girlfriend”. She asked them not to tell anyone else. I believe she made a pretty good choice, those two seem fairly trustworthy, at least so far. What do you think?

**UPDATE- Looks like they maybe getting ready for the POV ceremony, and the replacement noms.

Jump on the LIVE FEEDS and stay tuned for results!

Also, Bratney (my new name for her from now on) was showing her colors last night, mocking Andrew and his Judaism, and trash-talking Rachel’s body.

***UPDATE- FEEDS BACK!  Annie and Hayden talking. Annie TICKED at Bratney.  She is telling Hayden that she can’t stand Bratney, and they she has been lying on her. She says she never had an alliance with Brendan, but was just trying to be nice to everyone, and that all the stories floating around came from Bratney.

Haven’t had the ceremony yet, and Annie is pleading her case.

Annie pleading her case.

hayden talks to annie

**UPDATE- 11:52 BBT- BB just announced outdoor lockdown.  Getting ready for POV ceremony??? Stay tuned!

***UPDATE! They are back! Annie is on the block with Rachel!

Annie packing

Annie called out Britney!  Can’t wait to hear how that went!!!

OMG!!Just caught BRatney in a big lie! she was just telling Brendan how she doesn’t lie, and said how Annie told her that Brendan asked her to be in an alliance and she told him no way! That is a flat out lie. Bratney is QUITE the little liar.  and NOW she is pulling a poor, little innocent me.. and that ain’t right..

I would rather Annie go than Rachel, but it is a shame, because she was a good little pot stirrer.  Hmmm..

annie called out Brit

July 10, 2010

The person you most “Medium” Suspect-Big Brother 2010 *POV-SPOILER*


The paranoia has set in well and good in the Big Brother 2010 House. Everyone suspects everyone else. No one yet knows who the saboteur is, including us.

You gotta see these people and their psychosis setting in, on the 24/7 Live, Uncensored Feeds.

**I will be continually updating as the day goes on. Stay with us!

Here is a little something you menfolk are missing.

for the fellas

What do ya’ll think??

**Spoiler Alert**

And a little something for us gals.


My thoughts on it are this: In the words of the immortal Dwight Schrute,

“It’s never the person you most suspect. (Andrew/Brendan?) It’s never the person you least suspect. (Lane/Hayden?) It’s always the person you most medium suspect. (Matt/ Annie?).

It was nearly a sure thing for Brendan to go home, and then, surprise, surprise.. He won the POV! That shook things up and all of a sudden…Everyone is Brendans BFF.. Brendan does not want to lose his smoochie-face partner, so now-what to do, what to do?

Rachel dishes about first kiss with Brendan

The “girl drama” heated up last night with Britney talking smack about several of the other girls. I said earlier that I have never heard her say anything positive about anyone, and last night was no exception. She not only trashed Annie (which has become something of a pasttime for her, she also talked about how Kristen was “not pretty, and had a bad boob job”.  This girl is not the little Pollyanna she looks like.

Brit talks trash

Enzo is swiftly becoming the “Russell” of this season with his rampant paranoia. He has decided that Annie is an actress, and is pushing hard for her to be the replacement.

And speaking of the all-important replacement. It looks as if right now, it is likely to be either Kathy as a pawn, against Rachel, or… Annie to go home.

Brendan comforts Annie after she hears she's a target

All depends on this morning, before Hayden is called on to make his decision. These people are, as most BB contestants over the years have been, wishy-washy.

hayden has to make the hard call

Sign up here for the AWESOME 24/7 Live Feeds to see all the craziness for yourself, and stay tuned as we discuss it ad nauseum! LOL


Bye ya’ll!

****UPDATE- After watching the Flashback from last night, I am absolutely appalled. If you have seen the movie “Mean Girls” you haven’t seen anything. Britney is a Mean Girl 5.0! She spent literally hours trashing every girl in the house, except Monet who was her little follower. I would put money on the fact that she was the queen of mean in her little high school and the bane of any girl in that school who didn’t fit into her little crew. And, I really want to take the high road, so I’m not say it…THE EYE.. oops, I did.. sorry..

*Addendum: My son just pointed out, and in the interest of fairness I am including it here, that the only thing that would make Britney’s trash-talking ok, is if she is, in fact, the saboteur. I personally don’t think this is the case, but trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

mean girls

Mean girls 2

***UPDATE– The HG’s just got a message from the saboteur who claimed that two of the people in the house are life-long friends.  Apparently, Andrew flipped out- saying it proved it couldn’t be him, since  no one likes him– no one understood him, or his Judiasm.  The other HG’s teased him later about it, and he calmed down. All the HG’s are even more paranoid than ever..

Who do you think are “lifelong” friends in the house?

who knows who here?

The love story continues…

Bren and Rach (Brachel?) snuggle

**UPDATE-^:13 BBT- Kristen ran up to Hayden’s HOH room. Hayden said, “We have a problem. Andrew just told me that everyone here went on the same vacation but me and you, and everyone knows it. what are we going to do?” Then the feeds cut.  Then they came back, and Hay said, “Maybe we should just come out with it.” Kristen said.. Feeds cut. when they came back, he asked, “Do you think we should just talk to Andrew?” She says yes.

Now she says “That is just bad luck, but do you have any idea who the two people are?” So that blows my “Hayden and Kristen are brother/sister.”  DANG!

**I watched the CBS blackout scene in slo-mo, at the suggestion of J on the comments section. (Thanks J)

On the left couch was Rachel, Hayden,Enzo.

On the right couch was Britney, Matt, Ragan, Andrew.

On the floor was Annie, and in the blue chairs were Lane and Brendan.

Brendan got up, as we know, and Matt took his seat in the blue chair. He and Andrew were both seen in the BR.

The only people who I never saw, until the lights came back up were Kathy and Monet. Kathy on the end of the left couch, and Monet on the floor.


1:43 PM BBT Message from the Saboteur: “2 people were lifelong friends or have a previous BB alliance.”
July 9, 2010

Love (and Hate).. is in the Air.. in Big Brother 2010. **Spoiler Alert**



***NEW UPDATES at the bottom: POV results at end!

***Live Feed Updates..

Things are moving quickly in the Big Brother 2010 House.

After the show last night, we waited patiently for the Superpass Live Feeds to go live. OOO! You Gotta see what is happening.. What do you think so far???

What a difference a day makes. (Or three- but who is counting, right?)

The lovey-dovey atmosphere changed pretty quickly. It looks as if lines have already been drawn and some people are getting closer than others.

After only three DAYS??? hmmm..


According to what happened on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it looks as if Hayden, the HOH has nominated Brendan and Rachel for eviction. Now, not sure why, yet. Must be that laugh of Rachel’s was getting on everyone’s nerves and her boobs couldn’t save her from nomination. Brendan is a physical threat and was acting VERY suspiciously during the “Dark” episode last night.

The other Big News, is the that two nominees will not be campaigning against each other because they are too busy making out! Things were getting hot and heavy under the covers as I am writing this..

They have played the Have or Have Not and exposed the room.

First Look- HaveNot Room

Couple of other things stood out to me.

1.) Most of the HG’s think Andrew is creepy. He stuck his head under a blanket to see Annie’s panties and made a lewd remark.

2.) The Have/Have Not Comp involved Caramel, and Kathy is all bruised up. She looks like she got a beat down.

3.) Rachel “dissed” Monet at the VETO comp pick. When Rachel drew Monet’s name- Rachel made a disgusted face, and hurt Monet’s feelings..

Shout out to Britney in her Arkansas Razorback “HOGS” shirt! GO HOGS!

The poor lambs are asleep after a busy night.

I’ll be updating all day.. STay tuned, and guys… Dadgum! YOU ARE MISSING IT,  IF you don’t have the feeds…… Sign up here!

Bye, ya’ll!

***UPDATE:  They are up! Brendan is scrambling. Haggling with Hayden to use POV on him if he wins it. Bad feelings brewing quickly, with Brendan telling Rachel that the only reason Hayden nominated him because “I am good looking”, and he (Hay) is threatened by him (Bren) because he a competition for “the ladies”.. Hayden thinking of putting up a pawn against either Brendan or Rachel if one of them comes off the block. They think the POV will be today.

***Annie was selected as the announcer for the POV contest. Enzo, Hayden, Rachel, Brenden, Monet, and Andrew are the participants.

***OMG! Rachel claims she will take Brenden off the block if she wins POV! That is a truly bonehead move. No one since Marcellas has done that.  She is definitely not thinking with her brain.. (the boobs may take too much of the blood supply?)

****FEEDS  have been out a while. Maybe playing POV??! Stay tuned…Now Trivia.. POV being played for sure.  Can’t wait for the LIVE FEEDS to come back, and find out who won!

3:42 Central- FEEDS back- POV over- they had to spell words, slide down something, hit a buzzer- and mayonnaise was involved..  *** Brendan WON POV!!

**Live Feed Update-  For the last few hours, people have been feverishly throwing people’s name around to Hayden for replacement nominees for Brendan, who will undoubtedly take himself down.

Brendan is pushing hard to keep Rachel, his “Showmance” partner.  Hayden seems to be leaning toward putting up Kathy as a pawn, therefore leaving it up to the house to decide to send Rachel home. He is worried about Bren coming after him next week.

Britney, Enzo, Monet are pushing Annie- BIG TIME. They claim that she is playing like Ronnie (season 11) and/or Brian (season 10). Too hard, too fast. Annie HAS been running from one group to another, but i haven’t seen her making any deals, really. Though, she may be spreading herself a little thin.

Annie cooking dinner. Andrew fixing his own

Britney almost seems a little obsessed with getting Annie…IMO. Also, I never hear her say anything positive about anyone.

Brit spies on Annie

using the spy screen

There is still a lot of Andrew bashing going on. Yes, he is a weird dude, but i am starting to feel sorry for him..

Now downstairs being (fake) buddy-buddy. Ah.. Big Brother.. we missed u!

People’s heads are spinning, things are changing so fast and furiously.  What will tomorrow bring, on the Live feeds??  Sign up here, and discuss it with us!

July 8, 2010

Big Brother 2010 Premiere Recap


It finally happened! The Big Brother 2010 premiere finally happened!!

This will be a quick synopsis of the CBS show, but tune in the early am for updates on what is Really happening in the house. With the Superpass 24/7 Live Feeds, I’ll be able to tell you the deep, dark secrets that are already in play. The HG’s have been in the house for three days. No telling what kind of nutso crazy stuff has already gone on.

1.)  Love the colors, Blues and peach/pink, of the front door.

2.)  Julie looks pretty as usual in her red suit, and seems to have lost all the baby weight.

3.) 52 Cameras and 95 microphones can record an awful lot of drama and debauchery.

The HG’s line up and enter the house:

HG's at the front door

Group 1: Britney,Ragan, Brendan, Rachel.  Group 2: Lane, Annie, Enzo, Kathy, Andrew. Group 3:  Monet, Hayden, Kristen and Matt.  We don’t know who got which beds, yet, but looks like the last group did not have beds.

Next comes intros- No surprises here. Everyone held back, as they said they would, and we all know that these introductions don’t mean diddly..

Then we have the BIG NEWS!  The Saboteur Announcement!  The paranoia level went through the roof, with everyone eyeballing everyone else. Kathy puts her cop eye on Brendan for laughing and mocking.

Now to the HOORAY!! First HOH Comp!

The first shocker was Andrew immediately offering to sit out the comp. I think if he is the saboteur, it would be a real bonehead move, so…

The comp was a true blue, elaborate BB comp. Split into two teams, with Andrew in a classic, dorky BB Hotdog costume- oh.. and he is also Safe from Eviction:

Yellow: Enzo, Ragan, Kathy, Brendan, Rachel, Annie.      Red: Matt, Kristen, Lane, Hayden, Monet, Britney.

The HG’s had to jump up on slippery weiners (let the double entendres abound), and hang on while the other team members pull them across.  BB- ever the trickster, offers $10,000 to the first person across on the winning team, and the LAST person on the winning team wins HOH.

Annie(yellow) showed her skills by being the very first person across and in contention for the 10 grand. (kinda digging her- she seems cool)

Monet(Red) was the first on her team for the $$$.

After  slips, and strategizing, the Red team had a loss. Britney fell, hurting her knee enough to be pulled from the competition. She was replaced with Kristen, who sailed right back over, giving the red team a big lead, which the yellow team (thanks to Kathy’s inability to hang on) could not recover.

MAtt and Hayden cut a deal right at the end, for Hayden to win HOH, and would keep Matt safe.

The yellow team claimed nervousness at Hayden’s choices, but we all know the first comp means very little. It will be what we see in the next few days on the Live Feeds, that will really tell the tale.

Last but not least, we learned that We- America- Would have a large input into what dastardly deeds the Saboteur will pull. He/She did pull their first one last night, by turning out the lights (with a little BB help?) and padlocking the storeroom, causing everyone to be on slop.

Now, obviously, Andrew and Brendan cast suspicion on themselves with their absence in the living room, and their antics afterward.  Why, oh Why, though, would the saboteur do Anything to draw attention to themselves?

Ragan wonders at Brendan's actions

That’s it for this show..  You saw it, too.. What are your thoughts? Who is your first guess for Saboteur?  Who will Hayden nominate?

If you find it torturous to wait for the show, get the 24/7 Live Feeds to get real time, uncensored info on what is happening in the house!

And STAY TUNED!  I will be up giving you all the scoop before the first cock… crows!

Thanks, ya’ll!!


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