July 8, 2010

Big Brother 2010 Premiere Recap


It finally happened! The Big Brother 2010 premiere finally happened!!

This will be a quick synopsis of the CBS show, but tune in the early am for updates on what is Really happening in the house. With the Superpass 24/7 Live Feeds, I’ll be able to tell you the deep, dark secrets that are already in play. The HG’s have been in the house for three days. No telling what kind of nutso crazy stuff has already gone on.

1.)  Love the colors, Blues and peach/pink, of the front door.

2.)  Julie looks pretty as usual in her red suit, and seems to have lost all the baby weight.

3.) 52 Cameras and 95 microphones can record an awful lot of drama and debauchery.

The HG’s line up and enter the house:

HG's at the front door

Group 1: Britney,Ragan, Brendan, Rachel.  Group 2: Lane, Annie, Enzo, Kathy, Andrew. Group 3:  Monet, Hayden, Kristen and Matt.  We don’t know who got which beds, yet, but looks like the last group did not have beds.

Next comes intros- No surprises here. Everyone held back, as they said they would, and we all know that these introductions don’t mean diddly..

Then we have the BIG NEWS!  The Saboteur Announcement!  The paranoia level went through the roof, with everyone eyeballing everyone else. Kathy puts her cop eye on Brendan for laughing and mocking.

Now to the HOORAY!! First HOH Comp!

The first shocker was Andrew immediately offering to sit out the comp. I think if he is the saboteur, it would be a real bonehead move, so…

The comp was a true blue, elaborate BB comp. Split into two teams, with Andrew in a classic, dorky BB Hotdog costume- oh.. and he is also Safe from Eviction:

Yellow: Enzo, Ragan, Kathy, Brendan, Rachel, Annie.      Red: Matt, Kristen, Lane, Hayden, Monet, Britney.

The HG’s had to jump up on slippery weiners (let the double entendres abound), and hang on while the other team members pull them across.  BB- ever the trickster, offers $10,000 to the first person across on the winning team, and the LAST person on the winning team wins HOH.

Annie(yellow) showed her skills by being the very first person across and in contention for the 10 grand. (kinda digging her- she seems cool)

Monet(Red) was the first on her team for the $$$.

After  slips, and strategizing, the Red team had a loss. Britney fell, hurting her knee enough to be pulled from the competition. She was replaced with Kristen, who sailed right back over, giving the red team a big lead, which the yellow team (thanks to Kathy’s inability to hang on) could not recover.

MAtt and Hayden cut a deal right at the end, for Hayden to win HOH, and would keep Matt safe.

The yellow team claimed nervousness at Hayden’s choices, but we all know the first comp means very little. It will be what we see in the next few days on the Live Feeds, that will really tell the tale.

Last but not least, we learned that We- America- Would have a large input into what dastardly deeds the Saboteur will pull. He/She did pull their first one last night, by turning out the lights (with a little BB help?) and padlocking the storeroom, causing everyone to be on slop.

Now, obviously, Andrew and Brendan cast suspicion on themselves with their absence in the living room, and their antics afterward.  Why, oh Why, though, would the saboteur do Anything to draw attention to themselves?

Ragan wonders at Brendan's actions

That’s it for this show..  You saw it, too.. What are your thoughts? Who is your first guess for Saboteur?  Who will Hayden nominate?

If you find it torturous to wait for the show, get the 24/7 Live Feeds to get real time, uncensored info on what is happening in the house!

And STAY TUNED!  I will be up giving you all the scoop before the first cock… crows!

Thanks, ya’ll!!

July 8, 2010

Big Brother 2010 Premiere Tonight- New Pics of Comp!


Hey ya’ll,

Brand New UPDATE for Big Brother 2010:

New Video showing Julie revealing to the HG’s that one of them is a LIAR!! OOO!

Whodathunk it? We made it! 9 months, three weeks, and two days of longing, will finally be fulfilled tonight at 8 Eastern, 7 Central. How we suffered. We tried to fill up on the empty carbs that are other reality shows, but only Big Brother 2010 gives up that live-giving protein that we crazed fan-atics need to survive. At Last!

Sign up here for the live feeds before they begin tonite after the show airs on the west coast. Don’t miss out!

UPDATE- Are the HG’s really aware of the Saboteur already??

Does Julie spill the beans?

Annie stunned at the news

Annie looks pretty shocked. I sure wanted them to wait until at least the show tonight, so we can gauge their reactions on the live feeds tonight!

Also..New pics for Food com? HoH comp? What are your thoughts?

Britney bites the dog- settle down guys

Ragan rides the dog- umm..not gonna comment further

New pics for Food com? HoH

Cast photo Backyard

photos, courtesy of ET and  hamsterwatch.

Just a few thoughts.

A) Hubby saw the pic of Rachel and said “Good Lord!” Let’s hear what you say.. “Real or Fake“?

B) Why is Ragan turned away from everyone else?

C) Annie and Brendan look awfully cozy, no?

This will be my last inane, filler piece. No more rice cakes and steamed green beans here.. No, no, no.. After today, we will be having steak and ice cream sundaes! We will feast on real Big Brother 2010 scoop and news!

The Superpass Live Feeds Discount is over, but it is still the best deal this side of the Mississppi. At only #39.99 for three months, (I am going to beat this poor dead horse once more) you get the uncensored, unlimited access that no other show allows you! You.. are the invisible HG!

Update: Check out this video from ET last night with our first action glimpses of what’s going on inside the Big Brother 12 house!

July 7, 2010

New Provocative Interviews with the Big Brother 2010 HG’s.


Hey ya’ll,

The Big Brother 2010 Season starts  Tomorrow (CBS- 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central– The live feeds will begin immediately following the 9 pm Pacific time broadcast.

Also, I’ll bet  you are sick to death of all of us BB authors posting the same old stale crap, and talking about the live feeds.  In all honesty, I am quite weary of writing about it.

Lets Get on with it, already, and Rock and Roll with the show. I can’t wait to have something new and real to talk about.  And just so you know, I will hold nothing back. If you want the real, unvarnished truth on what is happening in the house; then boys and girls, buckle up and stay tuned…..

For the last time.. I am posting some interviews on the HG’s BUT..  These are a bit more interesting that the average puff and fluff we have been seeing..

And……The Real Player  Superpass huge Discount for the Live Feeds expires tonight at midnight.  If you plan on taking advantage of the 33% discount and the 10 free song downloads Per Month , you’d better act fast!

(You gotta get them and I am not pushing them for selfish reasons. I want everyone to experience the real truth in the house, so we can all dish about it. Well, maybe that is selfish, but I LOVE the Feeds!! Miracle of the TV world. No other show.. in the whole TV realm… has anything like it.. )

UPDATE:  Found this cute Night Before Big  Brother Mashup. Thought it was funny! Enjoy.

Night before Big Brother

The Night Before Big Brother
Not a Big Brother fan was stirring, not even a mouse;

The pictures were hung on the wall with care,

In hopes that Big Brother soon would be there;

The house guests were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of Head of House danced in their heads;

And Mama Grodner in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,

Had just settled down for a long evenings nap,

When out in the backyard there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the computer I flew like a flash,

booted up windows and connected in a dash.

I googled Big Brother to get in the know.

I brought up the live feeds but they were still snow.

Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a miniature Evel Dick with a smoke and a beer,

He was talking to a camera, it could be none other

The show of the season, it must be Big Brother.

More rapid than eagles his rantings they came,

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

“Now, Annie! now, Regan! now, Enzo and Brenden!

On, Andrew! on Rachel! on, Monet and Hayden!

Get out of your beds! Get out in the hall!

It’s an outside lockdown! Hurry you all!”

As tired houseguests awake and open their eyes,

Wander to the bathroom, both the girls and the guys,

It’s out to the backyard with clothing askew

For what reason? Well, they haven’t a clue.

But abandon beds they must, because Big Brother said to.

And then in a twinkling they all understood

It was time for a comp and compete they all would

As their mouths dropped and they were turning around

They heard from Big Brother, that familiar sound

They dressed all in t-shirts, their gloves on they put

They knew with this move something big was afoot

A bundle of rewards he had flung on his back,

And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.

His eyes, how they shone! his grin how scary!

His words were like warnings, his message a little hairy!

His foul little mouth was drawn up like a bow,

And the words from his mouth were Go Go Go;

Win you must to earn what you desire

Lose and you will find things quite dire.

We studied and wondered just how this would end,

Who would be winners, be it foe or be friend.

With twists and with turns the unexpected abounds,

We know a saboteur was hanging around.

To win the big money we must stick it out,

One will win the money of that there is no doubt.

From my view I knew that it was none other,

The fabulous summer we call Big Brother.

Thank you TV Grapevine.

That will make it 12 am Eastern, 11pm Central, 10pm Mountain).  And all this while, the Houseguests are inside. I don’t know about you guys, but this is absolutely excruciating to me.

The Houseguests this year are already brewing up a lot of speculation. Ragan, and Andrew have both been accused of some racist remarks, per their TV Guide interviews. I wonder if BB purposely put together such an explosive group? Sure they did..

Have you  heard the latest??  What do you think about the comments made by Ragan and Andrew?

The TV Guide interviews:

Ragan Fox

big brother 12 cast,ragan


Age: 34

From: West Hollywood, CA

Occupation: Professor at Cal State Long Beach

He does not plan to admit he has a doctorate in communications. “I’m obsessed with BB and I know how to talk game,” says Fox. “That and a PhD would get me bounced from the house in a second — even I would evict me!” A part-time slam poet and author of two poetry collections on gay life (2005’s Heterophobia and 2009’s Exile in Gayville), Fox won’t fret if there’s homophobia in the house. “I grew up in very conservative Cypress, Texas,” he says. “I know how to navigate through that sort of thing extremely well.” The day Fox found out he was a BB finalist, he spotted Season 10’s flamboyant Rennie at his local grocery store. A good omen?

Kristen Bitting


Age: 24

From: Philadelphia, PA

Occupation: Shoe Store Manager

An odd bird, to say the least. Bitting is loaded with tics and mannerisms that’ll either endear her to the other houseguests or annoy the holy crap out of ’em. She’s prone to overstatement and self-homage: “I have put everything — my whole entire life — on the line to go into the BB house,” Bitting says. “A lot of people know me in Philadelphia and they won’t know where I am. This is the biggest risk of my life. It’s truth or dare time.” And she never met a metaphor she couldn’t mangle: “I believe in Karma,” she states. “It’s good to not burn the bridge too hard because you never know when it’s going to come back at you.”

Lane Elenburg


Age: 24

From: Decatur, TX

Occupation: Oil Rig Salesman

This big, brawny bruiser is not fooling anybody, himself included. “I’m just a meat-head jock so I need a brain to work with me in the BB house,” says Elenburg. “Hopefully there’ll be a doctor or lawyer or financial major I can team up with — someone who will take me almost all the way to the end before I lie and stab him in the back.” Living on a ranch has left Elenburg with a crazed fear of electric fences. His best friends are his brother and sister. And he won’t be helping out much in the BB kitchen. “I can put dishes away but I’m not a very good cooker,” he says with a sluggy drawl. “Oh, except for 90-second microwave. That I can definitely do.”

Andrew Gordon


Age: 39

From: Miami Beach, FL

Occupation: Podiatrist

Oy vey, what a pain! “I know I’ll be the smartest one in the house and I’m a triathlete — biking, swimming, running — so watch out!” says Gordon, a divorced single dad and Orthodox Jew who has already convinced the BB producers to provide him with kosher slop. He plans to shave ficw years off his age, so that he’ll mix better with the younger players. “I spend my day dealing with old Jewish people and their foot problems,” he says. “If I can deal with them I’ll have the patience to deal with anything in the house.” Well, almost anything. Gordon told us he doesn’t want to share space with any Arabs. States the doc: “I would have a problem with it politically.”

Britney Haynes


Age: 22

From: Huntington, AR

Occupation: Hilton Hotel Sales Manager

A junior version of Dolly Parton, this tiny, saucy, gay-friendly sexpot — this season’s youngest contestant — recently got engaged to a medical technologist. “My going on BB is gonna be a nice break for him because there’s nothing crazier than a newly engaged girl!” Haynes says with a country cackle. “I will make it clear to the men in the house right up front that I’m not available. You get yourself in trouble when you mix business and pleasure.” And she does mean business. “When it comes to the physical competitions, I’m no powerhouse who’s gonna blow everyone else away. My strength lies is my ambition. And I am here to win.”

Kathy Hillis


Age: 40

From: Texarkana, AR

Occupation: Deputy Sheriff Sergeant

Angie Dickinson has nothing on this policewoman. Though the bodaciously blond Hillis — a divorcee with a 22-year-old son — is this year’s oldest houseguest, she’s also the dishiest. And she’s got an incredible back story: A self-admitted “wild child,” Hillis nearly died of ovarian cancer in 1999 and — taking that as a sign to straighten up — decided to become a cop. “I’ll just tell the houseguests that I pull people over for speeding and leave out my experience in criminal profiling,” she says. “I can read faces. I’m an expert at body language. Will I call people out on their lies? Absolutely not. But, trust me, I will keep it all filed away in my mind!”

Matt Hoffman

Age: 32

From: Elgin, IL

Occupation: Web Designer

A computer whiz and a certified genius — yep, he’s a member of MENSA — Hoffman is also quite the wise-ass. And he knows it could get him in trouble. “I have the curse of gab and the filter between my brain and my mouth doesn’t always work,” says Hoffman, who intends to trim his age a bit so he can have a faux 30th birthday party in the house. This is actually his second time as a BB contestant. He was picked last year, then had to drop out when he realized the finale conflicted with his wedding day. “My wife, Stacy, will be watching on the 24-hour feed so no cuddling or massages in the BB house for me,” Hoffman says. “I don’t want to go home and get my balls in a sling.”

Hayden Moss


Age: 24

From: Tempe, AZ

Occupation: College Student

If this dude’s not the mole, he’s sure as hell acting like it. A jobless, over-bronzed muscleman who hopes someday to open a snowboard shop, Moss admits he’s not very B&Bsavvy and has only seen Season 11 — and that was handed to him on DVD by the show’s producers. When we ask how he came to apply for the program, he looks nervously at his handler and says, “I don’t think I’m supposed to answer that question.” The handler mumbles something equally fishy about Moss being “a random applicant.” Whatevs. Real or fake, win or lose, BB won’t interfere much with his lifestyle. Shrugs Moss: “I’d be sitting around the pool doing nothing all summer anyway.”

Enzo Palumbo


Age: 32

From: Bayonne, NJ

Occupation: Car Insurance Appraiser

Guido alert! “I’m from Joizey. I got a short personality. I don’t like pencil-neck geeks. I don’t like stuck-up women. I’m Italian, which means I’m Catholic, but I don’t like super-religious people. I’m not here for the ha-has. I’m here to take it down!” says the loud, rapid-fire Palumbo, the kind of guy who sucks up all the oxygen in the room. If he wins, he claims he won’t get a chance to even smell the money “because my wife is gonna want something Cartier.” His big worry going into the BB house? “I’m managing two fantasy baseball teams right now and I’m winning. My brother will have to take over and everything he touches turns to crap.”

Rachel Reilly


Age: 26

From: Las Vegas, NV

Occupation: Cocktail Waitress

This voluptuous redhead gets high rollers all liquored up at the Sin City VIP club Aria — her best tip ever was $4000! — but she’s also preparing for a career in science. “Most people look at me and think I’m just a hot girl with big boobs when I’m really a chemistry grad student with big boobs!” says Reilly, who dreams of some day hosting her own nerd show on the Discovery Channel. Slop? Not a problem. “I grew up on redneck liver mush in Concord, North Carolina, home of NASCAR. I can handle it,” insists Reilly, who packed very lightly for the game. “Wait until the guys in the house see me in all my little Vegas bikinis. They. Are. Going. To. Freak!”

Monet Stunson


Age: 24

From: Glen Carbon, IL

Occupation: Runway and Print Model

Another Chima? We’d bet half a million on it! The gaspingly gorgeous Stunson entered a CBS talent contest in St. Louis and — without any acting experience — won a one-day role on The Young and the Restless. She then moved to L.A. to try for more jobs, but soon fled because she was annoyed by the traffic. During our interview, she was already blasé about being picked for BB, clearly bored with the press and inexplicably pouty. Does she have meltdown potential? “You might witness a few crying fits,” admits the diva. And that’s not her only warning. “I highly doubt I will meet the man of my dreams in the BB house,” she says. “But I will have no problem leading a guy on.”

Brendon Villegas


Age: 30

From: Riverside, CA

Occupation: High School Swim Coach

He’s taught so many kids that he’s starting to think like one. “Going into the BB house as a contestant is like stepping into a giant board game — it’s every boy’s dream!” says the studly Villegas, who also has a more adult dream in the works. This fall, he will begin work on his PhD at UCLA — on full scholarship — with plans to become a biophysicist and eventually enter the field of cancer treatment. He reminds us a lot of last season’s popular Jeff. Will he find his own Jordan? Says Villegas: “My one weakness in the game is that I could easily fall for a sweet, genuine, down-to-earth girl. A showmance will probably be my downfall.”

Annie Whittington


Age: 27

From: Tampa, FL

Occupation: Bartender

Now she toils for tips at a steakhouse, but Whittington once had aspirations to be a star on Broadway. “My problem on BB will be that I’m over-dramatic and over-expressive and you can read everything on my face — which is why I have never attempted to play poker!” says Whittington. “If I’m going to succeed in this game, I will need to dial it down and save it all for the diary room.” Whittington is in a serious relationship with another woman back home in Tampa. “But initially I will keep that to myself,” she says. “Whether or not I talk about it will depend on how I feel about the other houseguests and how comfortable I am.”

Last Chance for the discount on the 24/7.  If you want the complete Big Brother 2010 experience, and keep up with the drama, then sign up for the 24\7 Live Feeds!! It is going to be an awesome season!!

July 6, 2010

Big Brother 2010- Houseguests. Only three days! Update! New Photo of HG’s.


Hey ya’ll,

Update!! New Big Brother 2010 Photo!  First Photo of the HG’s in the house and by the pool!  Please share your thoughts on this new photo!

HG's First Photo's in the House-courtesy of http://twitpic.com/22hfev

Does their placement mean anything?

Are they just thrown in there, to pick and choose their own place or do the photographers place them?  Let’s pick this picture apart, shall we??

If they pick their own places, this could be pretty telling, because…….

1.)   I see what could possibly be  two Diva’s– Kathy and Ragan– on the only floats.

2.)  Britney is laid out in Brendan’s arms, but Enzo is rubbing on her leg, as well?

3.)  It looks as if Rachel  tried to squeeze into that little grouping, but she sure doesn’t look comfortable.

4.)  Annie, Matt and Monet seem loose and chummy,

5.)  While the group of Lane, Kristen and Hayden look fairly stiff- (ah..no pun intended- besides, I think the water must be cold- if you notice, hardly anyone is touching it).

6.)  Then, we have Andrew , who is completely apart from all the  the others.  Is that a coincidence? Is it a Clue??

Dang you!  Big Brother!!

Also….. What are those balls in the corner, which look like giant cat toys???? Maybe a Have and Have Not Comp?

p.s. Who else thinks Annie looks like Lisa Kudrow, (Phoebe on  Friends)?

It is only three days until the Big Brother 2010 Premiere. The HG’s are already in the house, and causing who knows what kind of mischief. It just kills me that we can’t watch until premiere night.

This site will be dedicated to Truth. And to see the Real, Live Truth with your very own eyes, you gotta have those Live  Feeds! I tell ya, some insane stuff happens in that house, and you will want to  witness if for yourself. And I can’t wait to talk with all of you True BB Fans.

Apparently, Kathy is an early favorite. I think she is definitely someone to watch.. What do you think?

Entering the House!

courtesy of Bigbrothernetwork.com

Andrew was first in the house, followed by Annie, Kathy, and the others.

There are only three days left to get the Big Discount and Free Three day Trial on the Live Feeds. I have seen comments about watching on CBS.com, but here’s the thing.  They will show you replays of the CBS show, sure. But folks, that stuff is edited up the ying-yang.

On the televised show, just as in anything on TV, they show you what they WANT you to see. The most glaring evidence that I can remember of the way in which CBS skews the show, is when they showed Jerry from Season 10 as being a sweet, little old grandpappy. Anyone remember that? We voted for him to win the America’s Choice, phone call from home, because most of America thought he was just a darling old thing. Not!

All of us who watch the Live Feeds, knew the truth. I don’t regret him getting the call from home, Bless his Heart. (We Southern Women use the term “Bless Your Heart” when we want to insult someone without seeming to insult them. As in.. “Honey, I can see all the cottage cheese on your legs in those pants, Bless your heart. Or, Nancy’s baby is not going to win any beauty contests, Bless it’s Heart.) It is a very useful tool. Try it, works every time.

Sign up here for the Free 3-Day Trial! It will blow your mind! There are four (quad) cameras going on at all times, with four different views, so you can pick and choose what you want to watch, plus… there is a feature called “Flashback” so if you miss something juicy, you can just rewind and Voila!

Stay with us… and learn the Truth and become….The Invisible Houseguest.

July 4, 2010

Houseguests Enter Big Big Brother 2010 House


Hey ya’ll,

The Houseguests have entered the Big Brother 2010 House and are getting to know each other as we speak.. (or read..rather)

Who got your attention? Who could you do without?

Have you signed up for the Live Feeds? If you haven’t, there is only a few more days left until the big discount expires. If you want to become an Invisible Houseguest, and know all the secrets, sign up here.

I want to give you my Pre-Impressions. We can talk about First impressions after premiere night. I am posting special Houseguest Question Interviews for you.  I will also give you my Pre-Impressions on each one, but Please, please, don’t hold me to anything. We all know it takes a little while to get inside the heads of these crazy kids…

Ragan- Right off the bat, reminds me a bit of (gasp) Ronnie.. Claims to be a gamer, has a Phd. Let’s just hope he has the sense God gave a goose, which is more than Ronnie had.

Monet: Seems like an athlete, claims she likes competition. Seems pretty sweet, maybe too sweet?

Matt: This one has some promise- Claims his BFF would have been Jeff, and wants to play like Dan. Hmm..is he our saboteur? too obvious?

Rachel: She claims to be a “Chemist” but is also a cocktail waitress. Those two seem a little far apart to me. She also seems pretty hung up on the way she looks. If she says “big boobs” one more time…

Lane: The first thing that came to mind when I watched him is..Dull.. He’s cute, but is there anything upstairs?

Kristen: Is she the female Lane? I was not impressed.

Kathy: She is interesting to me. A deputy sheriff, and worked as a criminal profiler? Of course we are talking about a fairly small town, not the FBI, but still..She is an Arkansas girl, my home state!

Hayden: He says he has no job, and is in it strictly for the money. I wonder if there is going to be a maturity issue here?

Enzo: Funny or obnoxious? too soon to tell.

Brendan: Another PhD?? Here is an athletic brainy guy. Could be a candidate for saboteur?

Annie: She says she is a BB fan. She seems to me to be one that will either go the distance, or be the first one out.

Britney: Also claims to be long-time fan. Even though she is also my home-state girl, I have to say, I’m predicting she really is in it for the fame.. Can you say modelling contract?

Andrew: The first Orthodox Jewish player. He will not compete on the Sabbath, which I respect, but will his alliance?

Share your opinions and Pre-Impressions below..
There are only three more days for the 33% Discount for the Superpass Live Feeds!  Do not miss out on the only way to Really Watch Big Brother!

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