June 27, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Media Day Today.


The Big Brother 2011 Press Day is happening as we speak–Monday June 27th at 10 am.

lights- camera- lie

Imagine it… The new BB13 Houseguests are sitting in front of dozens of cameras– primping, prissing,  prancing– and spilling their guts.
There are newsies scampering all over OUR 2011 Big Brother House, touching OUR dining table with their newsprinty little fingers.

And we have to  sit here and WAIT.
Not cool.

Come on… No one loves Big Brother like we do.  Am I right, my BB Fan-atics?
It’s us–the dedicated–who wait patiently all year for our little summer obsession to come around again.






But be at peace, my brothers and sisters—the promised land is in sight. We are about to cross that river into the realm of Big Brother 13–
Can I get an AMEN??


Tomorrow, or the next day- we will finally get to see our BB13 Houeguest’s bright, shining faces.     We have hope. Oh God please, we have hope,  that there are some brains behind all the requisite spray-tans and hair-gel.

(Shhh–STAY TUNED- in case a little birdie whispers some gossip in our ear early–if so, you will be the first to hear it!)

Fingers crossed, my friends.

Hang around, cause  Bigbigbrother will be RIGHT on top of it when they release ANY new information. It will start coming fast and furious once the floodgates open.  I hope you’re ready???? Cause Bigbigbrother sure is! We are most DEFINITELY ready!

And we’re here to serve all that to you…

all your news on a silver platter


And don’t forget to sign up for the LIVE FEEDS with us. We exist only because of you and them- BBAD is great, but it only gives you 3 out of 24 hour coverage a day. And only 1 camera view. And the biggest thing… IT’s NOT LIVE!!

We’re not one of the giant sites on which you’re nothing but a number. We NEED you and we WANT you.
We want you to share things that you noticed on the LIVE FEEDS . With  the 24/7, four camera view coverage, it’s nice to have other eyes checking things out. Please, share your opinions and feelings about this HG or that with us. There’s nothing we like better on this site than for a good old fashioned Rivalry to develop!

Your Big Brother 13 Party Place






We had a blast here on the site last year. For all you returnee’s— Tell it true.. It was awesome, wasn’t it?




Drop by… and help make our  Big Brother community the biggest ole buttload of fun you can have outside of being in the BB house..

OH– I did hear one disturbing (or unbelievably cool) BB Rumor.. (cool or disturbing depends on which side of the fence you fall)

It involves THIS man…..

I'm just sayin.....

June 25, 2011

Big Brother 2011 When, Where, How


Sick of waiting for CBS to reveal the Big Brother 2011 Houseguests? Ready to see Big Brother Live?

Well, your BB pain is almost at an end.



The Big Brother Pre-season kicked off with Big Brother Media Day on June 21st–where selected journalists from TV, Print and Internet media– spent the night in the BB13 House, competed in competitions and even evicted their own.

According to sources, one of our favorite–and very cool– actors participated in the fun.

Pauley Perrette- Abby from NCIS


Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby on the CBS show NCIC apparently hosted one of the events, so you know it’s gonna be fun to watch!

We know, from years of experience and little whispers from birdies, that the Media Folks will be releasing their stories on  Mon-Tues, June 27 or 28.  Which means we will finally get to set our eyeballs on our new Houseguests on the following day–Tues-Wed, June 28 or 29.

THAT will be followed the next day with a tour of the Big Brother 2011 House, with Julie Chen.

For a taste of what THAT looked like- Check out this Re-play of the Big Brother 12 Tour.

So– to recap:

  • June 27-28 Media Day Releases Pics of BB2011 House
  • June 28-29 Houseguests Revealed on CBS Early Show- and Bigbigbrother will have that for you immediately after
  • June 29-30 Tour of BB House with Julie Chen
  • July 3 (est.) Houseguests enter the BB House
  • July 6 LIVE FEED Discount Expires
  • July 7 Android App for Live Feed Available
  • July 7  BIG BROTHER PREMIERE!! Halleluiah!
  • July 8  1amET/12amCentral/10pmPT– Big Brother Feeds go LIVE and we get to see the REAL show!

(Special thanks to our friends at Bigbrothernetwork.com)

So.. if you’re counting… And who isn’t??… by Friday, our suffering will be at an end and we can start this game for REAL!

And–don’t worry– Bigbigbrother will give you any and all information we can possibly dig up on these HG’s before the show begins…

all the gossip

Hang in there, folks.. We have almost made it to that cool, shady oasis in the middle of our non-BB desert.

our BB oasis is in sight



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June 24, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Trivia Contest


Ok, you Big Brother 2011 fans. Are you ready to show off your Big Brother knowledge  in this pre-BB13 Trivia Contest? Big Brother 2011 is only days away!

wanna play?

Here’s the rules:  All you have to do, is sign into our comments section on this post with your answers, and sign up for our mailing list, or share us on Facebook, Twitter, or post a link to Bigbigbrother.com in your blog. This will be on the honor system, so please make a note in your comment how you shared the contest.

Then, all you have to do is show off your BB genius!

The answers will be posted at 11:30 pm, July 1st. If more than one person answers the questions correctly, we’ll have a drawing among those winners for the grand prize– a Big Brother T-Shirt– and we’ll contact that person privately to get their mailing address.

So here we go…..Our pre- Big Brother 13 Trivia Contest!

How well do you know Big Brother?

1.)  In Season 7- Big Brother All-Stars, who was the first POV winner?

2.)  In Season 9- One of the “Power couples” was evicted. On their way out, a bell rang– stopping the eviction. Who did the Houseguests vote to KEEP?

3.)  Who won the Season 11 HOH Competition, “The S’more the Merrier?”

4.)  Who was the winner of the final Season 3 POV?

5.)  In Season 10- who told Dan he was a “disgrace to their religion?”

6.)  In the Season 9 HOH competition “Glass Houses” who willingly gave the contest to another HG, and was subsequently betrayed?

7.)  In Season 8- what catchphrase did  Eric have to use three times in order to complete his America’s Player’s task?

8.)  What is the current BB name for a plan, which originated with Season 5’s Nakomis’ 5-finger plan?

9.)  In Big Brother 6- who was the originator of the “Sovereign Six?”

10.) What special power from Pandora’s Box was awarded to Matt in Season 12?

BONUS: What TV actor visited the HG’s in the BB house during Big Brother All-Stars Season 7?

So have at it, guys. I can’t wait to hear your answers. And when you’re ready to really roll.. We’d love for you to sign up with us for the Big Brother LIVE FEEDS. The Early Bird Special ends on Premiere day, July 7th. So sign up with us, and share your Big Brother 2011 Season with us!




June 22, 2011

Sweet Agony-Waiting on Big Brother 2011


Our first taste of Big Brother Live is right around the corner, guys. Big Brother 2011 is only three weeks away and It’s nearly time for our first Big Brother Spoiler . Can you believe it? We made it through another long, cold winter and now it’s time for the best part of the summer!
If you thought it was the beach, the lake, or family barbecues you’ve got another think coming. Though, back in the dreary months of January and February, it was difficult to believe it would ever get here, huh? Our super-fantastic-freaking-humdinger of a show.. Big Brother 13

Yet, time marches on, as they say, and here we are. *Squee* And it’s time for a big old sweaty blast of the guiltiest summer pleasure you can enjoy without being naked. (Of course if you want to disrobe while watching- your choice- I won’t judge.)

I know all you Big Brother Fans are getting slammed by Websites begging you to sign up with them for the Big Brother Live Feeds. And of course, we’d love for you to sign up with us, too. Now, there are tons of reasons why we want you to go with us, but this biggest one is very simple.

We LOVE the show and we want to share it with you.

You see, Bigbigbrother.com is not the biggest site, one of those which has  dozens of writers and so many people posting, your voice gets lost. But we’re plenty big enough–and definitely experienced enough– to satisfy all your Big Brother needs.  The biggest difference between us and some of those mega-sites,  is that we care about YOU. We want to hear YOUR voice. We care about what YOU think.

We live this show, and plan for it all year long. We promise you the most up-to-date coverage, the most in-depth analysis of what is happening in the house at ALL TIMES,  and most of all.. We exist for you– the dedicated fans of this crazy show.

Truthfully, now… Is there another reality show that draws emotion from fans like Big Brother? What makes Big Brother so different from all other reality shows, you ask? It’s very simple… ACCESS.

No other show– on any network, in any country, anywhere– gives you the kind of access that Big Brother does. We spend so much time with these people, we truly get to KNOW them. I mean, you name the show… American Idol, Survivor, Hell’s Kitchen….any of them. We see the contestants for an 1-3 hours per week. We don’t really get to know how they FEEL. And we only get to see the pieces of their lives that the network decides to allow us.

Big Brother is the only show on television that allows us into the very lives of the contestants. You can’t watch someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not get to know them, and began to form attachments to certain ones. Why? Because there is nowhere for them to hide. We see everything. Know everything. FEEL everything they feel. Do you know how completely unprecedented that it? It’s HUGE and it’s UNIQUE to this show. Only 1 show in all of television gives us that. Big Brother. And THAT’s why we love it.

Is it voyeuristic? Maybe even a skoatch sick? Hells yeah! But when– in any other aspect of your life– can you SPY on people, and not get locked up?  LOL
Now you know how BigBigBrother.com feels about Big Brother. And that is why we’d love for you to sign up with us for the live feeds, and spend your Big Brother Experience with us. It’s the cheapest summer fun you can possibly have- (Early Pre-Season Discount for only $29.99 PLUS $10 bucks worth of FREE MP3 downloads) All the 24/7, 4 camera angle coverage you can stand. All tied up in a pretty boy with…Hi.. a FREE Trial! It doesn’t get any better than that!

None of us knows what’s coming up, but you can depend on this…. Bigbigbrother will be there for you every fight, make-out, back-stab, scheme, plot and bitch-slappin’ session all season long.

Hold on to your hats, folks. Cause as one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, Carl Sagan, once said: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
That time is almost upon us.

Click here to sign up for the LIVE FEEDS and get ready for the ride of your lives!

June 17, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Preseason Live Feed Discount Details – Now On Sale!


Big Brother is almost back and what would it be without the uncensored, live video streaming from within the BB house? Nothing! So lucky for us the preseason Big Brother Live Feed sale has returned and it’s ready for you.

Big Brother live feed

Starting right now through July 6th you’ll be able to buy your entire season of Live Feed coverage for only $29.99. Once premiere day hits, July 7th, the price goes back up to $14.99 a month and the sale is gone again until next year.

Click Here for the best Big Brother Live Feeds deal of the season!

You’ll get 3-months of live feeds coverage, enough to get you through the full season of Big Brother 2011, and if you’re in the US you’ll also get $10/month of free mp3 downloads with your subscription!

Got questions about the deal? Leave us a comment and we’ll get you an answer.


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