It’s the big day in the Big Brother 2011 House. The first true test of the alliances that have formed. Week One is never the most exciting, because A) It’s long-almost two weeks. B) Everyone still likes each other and no one’s loyalties have been tested.

THAT changes today. Today all the lovey-dovey crap comes to a screeching halt.

The game was split on Day one, with the Vets vs. Newbies twist. Then with Evel Dick’s departure, things started looking pretty bleak for the Vets. It was clear on CBS  last night, that the Vets were extremely worried–as well they should be. If you look strictly at the numbers- it looks bad for the Vets. Real bad.

The vote tonight will out the Newbies who’ve pledged themselves to the Vet cause. Shelly and Kalia have both sworn to vote out Keith–solidifying their alliance with them. Up until last night that seemed solid. But you and I both know that nothing in the Big Brother 2011 House is set in stone. If you’d asked me yesterday, I would’ve told you that Shelly and Kalia were 100% on the Vets side. Today–I’m not so sure.   And neither are the Vets.


Evel Dick was a master at keeping his balls (lol) in the air. Once you make those alliances, you have–nay, you must— keep courting those people. You cannot just assume things are still cool. Last night, Dani did just that with Kalia–cementing their deal. Kalia swore again last night to Dani that she IS voting with the Vets-but she won’t reveal it was her who switched the vote. That will cause the Newbies flip out, uncertain  who betrayed them. 

The real fun will be watching the LIVE FEEDS after the show . Once CBS goes to sleep, and long before BBAD wakes up–the feeds will tell the real story. If you haven’t tried them yet, you couldn’t pick a better day to treat yourself– and give the FREE TRIAL a shot.  It’s FREE, my man.. Free…Once you see for yourself what’s it’s like watching that post-eviction show… Mmmm Mmmm. You’ll be hooked.

Each week, I will go out on a limb and give my prediction on the votes. Sometimes I’ll be right. Often I’ll be wrong. But based on what I’ve seen on the live feeds, I believe that the votes will be…..

Keith–Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Daniele, Kalia and…..Shelly (yes, I believe she’ll stick to her word with the Vets.)

Porshe–Dom, Cassi, Lawon, Adam.

And then we’ll watch the little Newbies scramble about like ants when their hill gets smashed. All their bravado will go swirling down the drain when they realize they’re playing with play-yahs

Sound off! Let’s hear your predictions on the comment below!  Who will be evicted tonight??

Once Julie announces the final vote– all hell will break loose within the Newbie camp–JUST in time for……………


This HOH is critical for the Vets to maintain their toehold on the numbers. The BY opened up again last night, and the golf game is back. Some of the HG’s have spent hours and hours practicing, particularly Cassi and Dom. But of all the players, little Jordon is the best golfer. Yes–you heard that right–Jordan.

One interesting thing about this upcoming competition. Apparently the outgoing HOH gets to choose the order in which the HG’s play. So they’ve been strategizing  who they want to go first, last, etc…

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