The Vets had a peace summit up in the Big Brother 2011 HOH last night (11:45pm BBT) on the Feeds.

Brenchel, JeJo and Dani had a group meeting up in the HOH room to air out all the dirty Dani laundry of the last few days. And the Tony award goes to………DANI, for her amazing tap-dance routine.

Of course, Dani never copped to any of her scheming. She played totally dumb and nothing really got resolved, except that Dani is pretending to accept that Dom is going home. She NEVER admitted that it was her plan to backdoor Jeff and she never will..Her ego will not allow her to admit that it was her plan, since it failed. All the other Vets know she did it… She knows she did it…. It was like witnessing the Americans meeting the Soviets back in the 80’s. “I admit NOT-HING.”

Dani kept saying that Dom  “threw the Veto” for the Vets. Uh, yeah.. okay.. It’s one pitiful charade after another.  If she’d simply admitted she had a plan…It backfired, and she’s super-sorry…I believe they all could’ve been BFF’s again.  Since she didn’t.. It’s WAR.

Even Dick was giving her advice on his Twitter Feed–

Evel Dick Donato 

@EvelDickEvel Dick Donato
Dani… stop digging yourself deeper or there will be no ladder tall enough for you to get out of that f**king hole. Move on and regroup

Meanwhile, before the Big Brother 2011 Vet meeting, Dani was scheming as hard as she could to figure out a way to save Dom.

It’s not over, folks… Dani isn’t done. Even though she swore on her grandmother’s life….(uh, Granny, I’d make sure my health insurance policy was up-to-date) that she never did anything against the Vet group.  w…o…w… She out and out vowed earlier that she would do whatever it takes to win HOH and she’d make some BIG moves.

The couples/Golden Key twist ends this week. They HG’s start playing singles beginning Thursday.. After the next HOH, it will be a whole different ballgame..

Dom really got the worst end of this deal. He was swept up in Dani’s schemes and he will be the one to pay the ultimate price.

Keep a very close eye on the LIVE FEEDS this week. Dani will not quit doing what she has to do to rally the Newbie troops against the VETS. They may have a tentative truce, but all that will end Thursday night when we watch the ENDURANCE comp on the LIVE FEEDS!!!  If you still haven’t signed up, this is the week!! The absolute BEST part of the feeds will come up on Thursday so if you want to experience the coolest feature of the feeds—–SIGN UP HERE!

It ended like this…. but trust me.. it ain’t over. None of them trust her and she’s PISSED!

PS- OOPS- how cool is this??

BTW there wasn’t anything interesting to report on the rest of the house.  You’ll see the VETS (esp. Daniele and Jeff) a lot this week, cause that is where all the drama lies.. I haven’t forgotten about the Newbies– it’s just that they’re lying low at the moment.. (smart move)

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