Ah… the day after POV, when everyone in the Big Brother 14 house is your buddy…

To your face…Or unless they don’t need your vote.

Boogie’s in trouble, though he doesn’t seem to know it yet. He and Frank are buying the “we decided it was safer to put up one from each team, but don’t worry…You’re good” line. He’ll have to pull a pretty big rabbit out of his butt to save his top seed player.

And how will he do that, you ask? Well, he’ll have to procure Danielle’s vote. And to do that…Frank will have to sway Shane. Cause even though Shane can’t vote…Dani’s gonna do whatever Shane says.

Danielle is the belle of the ball this week- as her vote is the obvious swing. With Ian/Jenn voting to keep Frank, and Wil/Ashley on board to save Joe, only Danielle’s vote counts. Her coach, Dan–that mastermind of mellow–is doing his best to give her sound game advice, which is working so far….So far in every respect but one.

Danielle is gaga over Shane. I mean she’s acting like that friend of yours in seventh grade that bugged the crap out of you when she asked you a gazillion times every day. “Do you think he likes me?” “Did you see him look at me?”

Dani came into the house–watch the interviews here–looking for romance (not showmance–she wants something “real.”)  And the sad part is, Shane just ain’t that into her. He’s trying to be a gentleman about it. Danielle has even hinted that she’d be open to doing “Anything” up in the HOH bed… Nope. Shane’s not having any of that.  I think that says volumes about him. Especially when Jani and Brit are both telling him to do “whatever it takes” to make Dani happy this week and secure her vote.

On the Coach’s Front– Apparently the DR has been hinting hard about the coaches re-intering the game, so they have SOME idea that it’s coming. And I’m afraid that no matter what they tell us about “voting”…It’s gonna happen… Now we’ll just have to see who’d choose to enter…

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