Results of POV are in! See below!

The POV picks have been selected for week2 in the Big Brother 2010 House.

The HG’s are currently on indoor lockdown while BB sets up the Veto comp.

UPDATE- 12:38pm BBT still Trivia on the Feeds- Must be a crazy POV Comp.

I will announce the results as soon as they come through.

To see for yourself, the reaction of the HG’s of the results of the POV in a little while, sign up here for the 24/7 Uncensored LIVE FEEDS.  It is likely to be a fairly short comp, since the Have/Have Not comp took several hours.

UPDATE- I was wrong about the short comp. It must be intense, as the comp as been going on for 2 1/2 hrs at 12:45BBT

UPDATE 1:50 BBT- FEEDS BACK!! Britney won POV!  She and Monet talking to Enzo about getting Rachel to put Kathy up. It was some type of endurance- Britney “dropped” last.  Brit said she was going to work Bren/Rach then backdoor them next week. “Bronet” plan to try to convince Rach to put up Kathy.  “Brechel” thinking about maybe Matt as a pawn.

Brit is thrilled

HOH room strategizing on what to do now

Kristen and Rachel trying to figure it out

The rest of the house is concerned

The struggle on who to put up as a  pawn, now. “Brenchel” is weighing all options.

Britney and Monet have been working Kathy hard. They found out that she heard what they had been saying about her.

Brit rolls her eyes, while "apologizing" to Kathy-tells monet about it later

Brit begs Kathy for forgiveness

Brit and Monet explain to Kathy

Ragan will be the Host- He will probably do an awesome job. I am really digging him.

Ragan cooking breakfast

The Players for POV are: Rachel, Britney, Monet and Brendan, Lane and either Enzo or Andrew (please let it be Andrew!) He cracks me up. He has zero social skills, but he is a straight shooter..

UPDATE: It is Enzo, as the sixth player.

Brendan and Rachel getting ready for the big comp.....

STAY TUNED for POV results, or watch the LIVE FEEDS to see if this competition will turn the house on it’s head, yet again!

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