Spoiler Alert!  POV results are in, in the Big Brother 2010 house.

Matt concerned that he will have to break the tie

The POV comp just finished and wowee-wow oh wow! Jump on the LIVE FEEDS, here, and see how the HG’s are reacting!

See below for the results

The POV picks were made late last night.  Andrew, Kathy Matt- Picked Lane, Brendan and Rachel.

Wait for it………

BRENDAN won POV!  so, of course, he will not use it, and either Kathy or Andrew will be evicted…  Now, here we have a sticky situation, if, in fact, Andrew and Brendan are related, as I have a gut feeling they are.

Brendan is a happy camper

We are back to a hard choice situation.  Kathy and Andrew are both close to Brenchel, and the house is likely to split this vote for the first time.

Matt, Kristin, were just in the HOH room talking about how disappointed they were.

I TOLD you guys, that planned backdooring hardly ever works out.

We are likely to have our first split vote- with the HOH the tiebreaker.

For you Brenchel fans- you will have at least one more week of the love of the century…

Sign up for your…hello… FREE trial of the LIVE FEEDS!!  What do you have to lose? If you love this game, you HAVE to see what kind of shenanigans they will get up to this week, while they decide who to vote out.

BTW- With Matt’s tactics, using his wife’s “disease” for sympathy-  I think if I was his wife, I would run out and get a Cat Scan.  Better safe than sorry.. LOL

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