Saturday in the Big Brother 2010 House is historically one of the most drama-filled days of all. The LIVE FEEDS today, should absolutely ROCK!

UPDATE: Britney won POV-  Brenchel is doomed!

UPDATE !!  3:30 BBT-  MAJOR FIGHT going on on the LIVE FEEDS!!  Rachel, Kathy, Lane, Brendan involved..

UPDATE- VETO PICKS done!  Brendan, Rachel, Matt and Ragan (cause of Veto Ticket) Kathy, Britney and Enzo. Brendan must have gotten HG’s choice because Enzo said: “He picked his fate when he picked me.”

Things happen so fast. The POV will be played this afternoon- so stay tuned for results. Results which potentially could throw the house into an uproar, if either Brendan or Rachel win.  Actually, if Brendan wins, I fully expect him to give it to Rachel. She, on the other hand, has not once mentioned reciprocating that offer. I think she is “so” over him.

If you sign up for your FREE (hi.. free…) TRIAL of the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS– you can use the FLASHBACK feature to watch when the SABOTEUR message was revealed to the HG’s.  They were stunned, and the paranoia is rampant. The general consensus of the house is that Rachel is the Sabo, and has some special power that will save her.

Ragan, our sabo, is playing it beautifully. I was skeptical of the choice, but maybe America knows what they are doing after all. He is doing a wonderful innocent imitation.

Around midnight, the BY was finally opened, after being closed up for over three days, to reveal a large bowling alley.  This is most likely going to be part of the POV today. You can bet your bottom dollar that Brendan spent beau-coup time practicing..

On the other hand, Rachel had at least two meltdowns, whining that she sucks at bowling, and (sigh) once again, Brendan talked her off the ledge.

Yesterday, our little Britney worked her HOH= azz-kissing magic. She and Matt were playing checkers, and she was complimenting him on his endurance skills. B: “You are a beast, Matt.”  A beast??? Well, even a kitten looks like a beast in a room full of butterflies..  He is no beast, but the others are such [p-words].(I hate this word, but in this case it applies.)

Matt (the beast) and the rest of the players

Personal note- My Enzo nerve (that nerve on the back of my neck that pings everytime he opens his mouth) was twanging hard last night. Hubby turned to me and said “If he says ‘That’s it’ one more time, I am writing to his mama.” LOL!

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