We’ve got preseason Big Brother 14 casting news for you houseguest hopefuls! CBS has opened up a new portal for getting your foot in the door, pun intended. In the past you’ve had to fill out a huge paper application, record a video to DVD, and then mail the whole thing in while hoping it doesn’t get lost in the mail. No more of that.

Recently we’ve learned that Big Brother season 14 will offer a whole new application method. You’ll be able to visit the CBS website: bigbrothercasting.tv and apply there with a short (very, very short) form and then upload your brief intro video. If the casting directors like what they see and read then they’ll get in touch with you.

Of course the website way won’t be everyone’s preferred method, so for those preferring the analog world, you can skip the online application and attend an in-person live audition event. No details yet on when those will appear, but you’ll hear about it when they’re announced. Good luck to all applicants!

Source: Big Brother 14

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