Hi guys! Not a whole heck of a lot going on in the Big Brother 2010 house, except the remaining HG’s received their second punishment.

If you will recall, the first was BB took away all the cup, glasses, and cutlery.. oooo…  how horrific, huh?

Anyhoo.. At least this second one COULD have some entertainment value.

On the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS (remember…Awesome Discount, here)

The HG’s were given Sock Puppets, that they HAVE to speak through. If they talk without using their puppet, they will be a Have Not. Here are the HG’s and their respective alter egos…

Other than this, slightly entertaining tidbit, it was same old…… Brendan and Rachel bashing, Ragan weeping..

thanks, Bigbrotherleak

Bella– one of my faithful commenters, posted a VERY insightful comment last night. I am going to share it here, as she said it better than I could.  Thanks, Bella and I hope anyone of Brit’s acquaintance, keeps one eye on her at all times..(lol-not gonna say it… nope, not gonna say it about the eye… OK! Yep.. Couldn’t resist.. Why has NO ONE commented on the eye???? )

Anyway.. Here is Bella’s post.  THANKS BELLA! Really great!!

Bella said:

This really has been a weak season. It is so odd to hear the final five say(on the live feeds) they are the best final five ever. I truely do not think these people have any sort of sefl awareness. Ragan and britney were still talking about Brendan and Rachel even now. That realy shows you just how little they have going on up stairs. I was so dsappointed in Lane, Enzo and Hayden when they joined in the “mean girl” talk with B and R. It left me with no one to like at all. how can you endlessly make fun of some one’;s physical appearance and then proclaim a life of being bullied(Ragan)?
I will have to give Britney this. She was her catty/make fun of every girl and two guys in the house from day one. So it really is the other players(and especially the ladies) fault for letting her continue to get by with it. But I have a feeling she has a life time of misery ahead of her. Once she got off Rachel and Brendan she has moved on to talking about not being close to her sister and never telling her hello on tv and telling her newest story of how her ex female boss and her would make fun of the other women in the work place, “What’s up with that eye shadow.” She also made fun of some guy she went on a date with. I have never heard her do any thing but talk abdly about people…unless it was Hayden, or Lane Or when she needed him, Ragan.
Has anyone noticed how she has gotten to be less and less attractive as the show has progressed.
I have been really upset with hwo CBS has edited it to look as if she and Ragan are good people. What is up with that?
And as badly as I dislike Ragan I actually wish he would win. I know he is not out with the POV loss. But as least the remaining four would be so ashamed about losing to him. And he is another one who needs some serious therapy.

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