OMG!! OMG!! Rachel is back in the Big Brother 2010 House!!  GET THE FEEDS!! GET THE FEEDS!!

UPDATE:  BIG, BIG MAJOR confrontation between hypocrite Ragan and Rachel in BY.  She went in to BY to ask him if he wanted a cookie- to rub the HN into his face. Nasty, I know, but then he attacked her in a MAJOR personal way. The hate spewed out, calling her  zit-faced, disgusting, parrot faced, a stupid waitress, embarrassment.. and it went on and on. He talked about the way she “bullied” him and how she talked bad about people. Ummm. NO one in the house (except maybe Brit) does more trash talking than him..  Low.. Rachel wanted to dig at him a bit, but dang, Ragan, think you freaked out and went just a bit too far..  Jeez…..

Now Britney is lying about the confrontation- She said that he got mad because Rachel said something about him being gay.  She TOLD him that she loves gays and he was not a cool gay guy…   Also that she said That is why your dad won’t talk to you, and she actually said- That is why your family won’t talk to you.. She did not mention dad…  Get your facts straight, Princess..

Apparently, Brendan opened Pandora’s Box, and released Rachel back into the BB House for 24 hours.

Brendan is nowhere to be found, and is presumably either in Pandora’s Box, or perhaps there was a jury house, BB house swap..

The lights went out.. She came in the door, and said:”I’m BACK bitches!”  Ragan was insulted, and she told him to grow some balls.  She has seen all the goodbye messages, and confronted Britney and Ragan on theirs. Britney backpedaled, stating that she didn’t really say that!

Ragan hiding

Rachel has a mission, that she has to ask each of the HG’s questions one on one.

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