So, it’s been pretty obvious how I feel about Big Brother 14 Danielle. I haven’t held my true feelings in check….Or HAVE I?

In actuality, I’ve tried to be diplomatic. Tried to understand it might be hard for a 23 year old to function under the pressure cooker that is Big Brother.

But after the comments Danielle made last night…I am done. No longer will I hold my tongue. Get ready, my friends cause this is not for those with a weak disposition.

I preface this by saying: I have a beautiful, brave, 40-year old sister who just went through a brutal, horrifying year-long battle with breast cancer. Thank God above she’s cancer-free now, but she’s had several grueling surgeries to remove scar tissue. The things she’s been through would knock anyone down. But she went through it with grace and dignity–all while taking care of three little girls.


Last night, on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS, Danielle Murphree–that psychotic CREATURE–had the unmitigated gall to add to her unending list of ailments the following complaint.

The Creature (which is how I shall refer to her from now on) told Dan and Shane (FLASHBACK1:44am BBT) that she had a “mass” attached to her implants–and that before she came in the house, she was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy to shrink it.

I’ll let you absorb the fact for a moment. A 23 year old female claiming to have undergone radiation and chemo for scar tissue related to an implant. Now I know sometimes there is scar tissue when having this procedure. But I’ve been in the health field for a very, very long time–and never in all my years have I heard of such a thing.

The Creature is the single most narcissistic, psychotic, vile, repugnant, GD LIAR I’ve ever seen. Not only on Big Brother–but in the history of reality TV. If saliva could be transmuted through video cables…I’d spit on her.

I know that lots of you out there know one of these amazing women-warriors who’ve fought their own battle with that diabolical disease. Maybe you have yourself. If you have- I bow before you in all humility for your strength and courage…And for the Creature to belittle it like that. To try to garner sympathy with the lack-wit Shane by using that disease for a reason, turns my stomach. Add to that all her kidney disease, her broken neck, her shattered jaw (though that jaw works pretty damn well-as she always manages to somehow incessantly stuff her craw.)

You know, previously, I would experience nano-seconds of time, in which I felt sympathy for the Creature–knowing what she is going to face when she gets out of the BB House. She actually believes she is beloved. That she will be edited as “sweet.” Ladies and gentlemen–the fact that she is likely to end up in the final two??? Well, it’s almost more than I can bear.

RANT OVER…for now…

In other BB News–I believe Ian just signed his own death warrant, by not going after Dan. His blind loyalty to the Quack Pack has more than likely ruined his game forever. He cannot play in the next–final before F3–HOH. Unless by some miracle, he wins the Veto–the lad is gone. Taken out by his own hubris. Sad that, because it means Dan wins the game–and we’ll have to endure the Creature sitting beside him at the Finals.

UPDATE: FYI- the feeds will be down from mid-afternoon Tues, till after the show on Wed night. This is what they always do for the Fast Forward, as they will evict today-have the HOH comp, and maybe the POV tonight (likely Face Morph, since we haven’t seen it yet.) then, they will show the taped version of these events tomorrow night. There should be no big surprises. I’d bet nearly anything we’ll see Jenn evicted on tomorrow’s show–and the remainder of the QP sharpening their knives when the feeds return.

PS–because I am now a tad evil–but also a lady–I will not display the picture I really want. (OOOOH I really want to–but this is a family-friendly site– and as I mentioned…I am a lady.) But what I WILL do, is give you the link.. There is some slightly adult content…so beware. {scroll halfway down on the following page, once you click the link}


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