I hardly know what to say.  Big Brother 2011 is a smaller, darker place, though…That’s for sure.

Whether you’re a Dani-ite , a Jeff-ian, or just a plain old Big Brother fan, last night’s Double Eviction was a bitter disappointment. Cause now it’s like…Who gives a rat’s ass?

That’s right.. With the numbers the way they are, the chances are great that either Kalia, Porshe or *shudder* God-forbid, Shelly could win the game, so I’m sure most of us are in a state of…. Who Cares?

The highlight of the evening was a near-physical confrontation between Jordan and that lanky dude, Shelly. Shelly kept pushing Jordan, rubbing salt in the wound. When Jordo told her she didn’t want to talk to her,  Shelly started yelling, “YOU feel bad?? I feel bad, too!”  Uh.. wrong move, bro. Jordan flipped out,  and if Rachel hadn’t dragged her away–I really don’t know what would’ve happened. FLASHBACK 7:05pm.

Afterward, we did learn ONE new thing….

boys DO cry

Oh- in case you were wondering… We have a new HOH.

Porshe wins HOH

The Big Brother 2011 Dombies have already begun building a shrine to their fallen hero, while Jordan and Rachel are just ready for it to be over. Rachel confronted Shelly and Porshe, FLASHBACK last night 7:37pm asking for her and Jordan’s stuffed animals back. They lied, of course, and said they didn’t hide them (they did, Daniele told Rachel so).

So…Here we are. Three more weeks of Big Brother 2011 fun. Too bad they don’t have cameras in the Jury House, huh? If you have the LIVE FEEDS-what was your favorite part? Jordan ripping into Shelly, or was it the hypnotized, backstabber Shelly crying, asking Porshe “Did Dani know I voted for her?”


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