Will miracles never cease in the Big Brother 2010 house?

UPDATED: Enzo found the Sabo note- FLASHBACK-FEEDS 3:40 am BBT- The brigade believe it is Kathy- because “It’s a girl’s handwriting.” Don’t seem to be too worked up about it.

Finally! Ragan was forced to do something to earn his Sabo money. No, it wasn’t anything clever or risky, necessarily, but at least it was better than the oh-so-safe, lame messages, done from the privacy of the DR he has done so far. He has put a note under Enzo’s pillow stating “I know your secret.” As of 2:00 BBT, Enzo has not yet discovered it.

Enzo gets very agitated when he thinks he is targeted in any way, so Sign up for the super-fantastic special $14.95 offer of the rest of the season on SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS to see his reaction!

Last night in the house, the house split in to the usual groups, with “Team Mean” plus Lane in the BY and the rest in the HOH. The HOH crew talked game, speculating on possible upcoming comps and going over facts in the house. Team Mean talked about… can you guess??? Ding, ding, ding… You win the prize!! Brendan and Rachel!! You may now close your mouth, which fell open in great surprise at this startling fact.

Enzo confused about Britney// In the picture about he said: “I never know if she is looking at me, or what?”

STAY TUNED, while we await Enzo’s reaction to being targeted by the Sabo..

And if you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS.. Sign up here. As we wait to see what kind of diabolical scheme Matt has up his sleeve.

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