UPDATE- Here is what they did in the Big Brother 2010 house last night. They still believe Rachel is the Sabo.

aWatched Brendan and Rachel on the SpyScreen and ragged on them. (Sigh) PLEASE give us a Sabo message today!  I will make a new post when there is something new to report. The only thing is that Enzo and Hayden are really pushing the “fake” alliance with Brendan.

UPDATE-  Just had POV meeting!  BIG DRAMA! Brendan apparently called out several people in the POV meeting. IT got pretty ugly, and ended with everyone angry and Rachel in tears. This was all the dynamic duo’s brilliant plan to for Brendan to fall on the sword for Rachel. so we see Rachel crying on Britney’s shoulders about how mean he was.

Unfortunately for the love birds, he was about as tranparent as a new-washed pane of glass.  They ALL are aware (except maybe Kathy) what the big show was all about, and now they are going to pull the old switcheroo on Brenchel.

AS of Monday afternoon, the plan is to act like they are angry with Bren, and feel bad for Rach, and have changed their minds and will evict Bren, when in FACT, they are going to blindside the couple and still evict Rach.

I get stunned anew at the utter stupidity that goes around this house, and the complete naivety of the these two.  wow.. this is me.. amazed.

The thing that I just hate about all this, is that it means, of course that the “Snooze-gade” (my new name, how do you like it?) Is basically sitting on a straight shot to F4.  BORING..


we got a new Sabo message  in the Big Brother 2010 House yesterday.
The HG’s gathered for our first cryptic message from our Sabo-Ragan.
Sabo message: “Rachel, beware. Brendan is throwing comps.” and there was something about “talking about it in the jury house.”
All the HG’s seem to think Rachel is the saboteur and that she is stupid enough to try to throw the suspicion off herself and on to Brendan by the message.
Up in HOH, as they were discussing who the Sabo was, there was an awkward convo.
Brit: I think america voted on who they like the least, cause they knew it would mess up their game.
Ragan: i disagree. I think they would vote on who they like the best. Awkward…

Matt lied to all the HG’s claiming the lame story that he only received a dollar from opening Pandora’s Box.  I don’t think any of them really believed him, but what could they do.  The thing is, the HUGE prize that he won, is really wasted on him.  Even if Brendan happens to win HOH next week, and puts Matt up, the “Wimpgade” would save him.  It is SUCH a shame that an awesome power like the DIAMOND  POV is going to be used in such a lame way..

The funniest moments last night came when Hayden, Brit and Ragan put on a talk show called “What not to do in the Big Brother House.’ Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS and Flashback to 8/8 11:19pm. The biggest advice was WWJD? What would Julie do. Absolutely hilarious!!

POV meeting is today- What will Britney do? will Rachel be able to persuade her with the 5 grand. (Very doubtful)

Rachel got plastered and ran around the house in a tiny white bikini strutting her stuff, even jumping on the table and doing a type of strip-tease, while the others spent their night trashing her with a level of nastiness as yet unheard.

Brendan has totally fallen for the “alliance” offered him by Enzo and Hayden. Rachel is imparting all her BB knowledge on these two, so they can help Brendan in the game. Brendan is so totally clueless, that it is almost painful to watch.

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