You know, just once. Just once in this Big Brother 14 season, it might be nice to see someone different up in the HOH room.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge Shane the win. (Oh, yeah. BTW-Shane won.) I mean, he earned it fair and square….Well, kinda. If Dan, Boogie or Brit had been playing for the HOH, he may or may not’ve still won. He was only really playing against Danielle and Ian. But tricksy Big Brother threw a kink in the game and the HG’s showed their true colors.

As you know, Brit won safety. Though when her partner was rolling so far ahead, I’m not sure why? Maybe she didn’t trust Shane to pull it out.  Who knows. The real “diminutive for Richard” move of the night belonged to Boogie. Your partner is in obvious deep doo-doo, and you go for the paltry 10G’s??? When you have millions in the bank??? Unreal. You think Frank’s pissed about it? Wouldn’t you be? Even the Quack-Pack is disgusted with his arrogance and selfishness.

Was it that he’s SO oblivious? That he’s arrogant enough to think he can keep Frank safe once again? Does he really think since Frank didn’t spill first blood on the Silent Six that the others won’t either? Yah, he thinks that. But the rest of the group are pressing Shane hard. So it’s likely you’ll see the Quack Pack throw the first stone today…

Yehshahhh….Last night Froogie–once again–spilled their guts to “their guy” Ian. Immediately of course, Ian-the spy told Brit that Boogie had thrown HER name, not Shane’s around for a possible backdoor. Brit FREAKED. And decided then and there that (YAWN) Frank and Boogie HAVE to go up.

But will Shane do it? Shane’s all about honor and such. And even if Frank wavered, in the end, he stuck to his word and did what the non-existent Silent Six wanted. Ian believes Boogie should go. That he’s the most dangerous person in the house. But the rest of them are afraid of Frank.. Like, desperately afraid.

STAY ON THOSE FEEDS!! Cause even though it’s almost certain Froogie will go up today, there really is no telling what could happen when Boogie begins working his mind-juju on Shane.  SIGN UP WITH US if you still don’t have them, cause there is still a LOT of game left!!! With a FREE THREE-DAY TRIAL, you’ll get to see the noms AND the outcome of the POV.

Without a doubt. This is the week the Silent Six finally breaks down for good.

Watch Dani’s Shane-mania ratchet up sky-high, with Shane up in that big, old lonely bed by himself. Ugh..

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