Well, Shelly–perhaps the greatest liar in BB History and definitely one of the least-loved– is gone from the Big Brother 2011 House. You gotta give it to the old gal…She gave it a helluva last-ditch effort. Kalia’s face was priceless when Shelly basically froze her and Porshe out, offering to sell her soul to Jorachel (guess that’s the official nickname now). Kalia also got left in the dust on her vote.  I don’t blame Kalia for being upset with Shelly for all that.. However.. After the speech Shelly gave, Kalia STILL voted to evict Adam??  I’m betting that won’t sit well with the big guy.

Now, the BIG NEWS!!  Rachel smoked the HOH competition. Though Adam gave it a good try, this was Rachel’s competition to lose.

One request to Big Brother 2011– MORE JURY, PLEASE!! More, More, More!!!


STAY TUNED to the LIVE FEEDS or give the FREE TRIAL a shot to see who she puts up. (No big surprises, surely) But the VETO is BIG!


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