The ladies of the Big Brother 2010 house used their skills yesterday afternoon, crafting a slip and slide, using trash bags, soap and a hose. The HG’s had a ball sliding on their makeshift toy. Get the live feeds here, and see this for yourself..

Everyone took their turn:

*Spoiler Alert*

Who do you think should go on Thursday?

Rachel works on the slip and slide

The girls set up the slide

Andrew slides

rachel slips

Monet rocks


Umm-we're checking for what??

Brendan comforts Rachel after POV ceremony

Spoiler Alert

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Those crazy kids in the BY were soaping up and slipping around everywhere.  There are also a couple of gymnasts in the house, so that ought to become interesting.

We had our first blow up and first confrontation today..  OOO!

Replacement Noms were announced, and as expected- Annie was put up in place of Brendan, who used the POV on himself. Annie took it very badly, apparently calling Britney out for lying on her to everyone.

After the ceremony, she even went off on Brendan, who had been trying to help her, even after he learned that she wanted Rachel and him broken up.

Rachel was in tears, even though she has been told by everyone that she was safe.

Brendan was very hurt by Annie’s attack, he thought they were close. After spending some time being ticked off, he showed the kind of person he is by offering her comfort and trying to boost her spirits.

Brendan is Captain Compassion

Annie is not going down without a fight. She stayed up all night trying to convince all the HG’s that Brendan and Rachel needed to be broken up. She even called them the “Jeff and Jordan” of this season. She even sat down and apologized to Britney. Britney told her she never wanted her out… right..

Andrew got plastered last night on one beer.

Andrew feelin' good

He even insisted on eating a chocolate chip cookie that was not kosher. The other HG’s tried to stop him. He ended his night by scaling the bedroom wall.  He is a funny drunk.

See the HG’s antics  for yourself on the 24/7 Live Feeds. They have forgotten about the cameras, and are letting their freak flags fly.

Deepening Love or Showmance- You decide..

And the  love saga continues:

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