So tonight we say good bye to a great Big Brother 14 player.

Though I’d bet my left pinky toe this isn’t the last we’ll see of Frank. Everyone knows a BB All-Star is around the corner, and you can bet the power-house player’s key will get pulled for that epic battle.

In competitions, he had no equal. And the way he handled himself week-after-week on the block…Well. For someone who was either on the block or HOH for the ENTIRE game, you just have to give the guy props. If only he hadn’t been SUCH a huge target. And–to his detriment–if he’d only had a bit more savvy when it came to the social part of the game, I believe we’d have a much different outcome.

So.. So long, Frank. We’ve enjoyed watching you play…

After tonight, things will take on a radical change. Without Frank to kick around, I can’t wait to watch the others begin to eat themselves. Jenn, at least, TRIED to save Frank. As for the rest of the game–it’s going to be an endurance comp for US to endure.

Last night–our flower of lovliness–Danielle, once again spent a good part of the evening sniveling over “how douchey Shane treats me.” So we at least have her to make fun of for another week or so. Around 2:45 am, she went on and on about her “boyfriend” Trey (who–btw–she went on a total of 2 dates with and whom I would bet is running for the hills about now) and how jealous he must be of her “showmance” with the hapless Shane.

Dan egged it on–pushing how badly the poor little thing’s been treated, prepping Dani to cut Shane when the time comes. But if it comes down to it–and Shane gives her the SLIGHTEST hint that “hey, if we’re alone in here, maybe something might happen” I think Dani’d take her chances….So great is her delusional obsession.

I don’t even know who I want to win the first HOH tonight. What do you guys think? Personally, I think it would be AWESOME to see the QP knocked for a loop.


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