As you know, Pandora has made her questionable appearance in the Big Brother 2011 house. Porshe accepted the challenge, giving her 5 grand. (There was some talk that Kalia got the $$, too, but I can find no evidence of that.)
UPDATE: one of our posters on Facebook told us that Porshe told Kalia she had 5000 to give someone and she was giving it to Kalia- but not to tell– thanks Kathy Hughes Holstein!

Is Porshe playing big booty? oh, nevermind

Now, historically, there is always something good and something bad with the sketchy Greek goddess. For Porshe, the good was the cash and the bad was… the VETO will now be played in DUOS!! Live together, die together. How can this change the game, you ask?

There is only one way–if the BB gods are good.. Jordan and Rachel will win the POV–take themselves down–and Adam and Shelly will go on the block. Also–whichever team wins POV, will be the deciding votes. So, if J/R win- it’s bye, bye Shelly.

I mentioned class in the title. The level of class in this house is unprecedented. First- Shelly went in the BY–all teary-eyed– and told Adam that Jordan and Rachel were calling her a bitch. That is a complete and blatant lie. Not true whatsoever. They were practicing for questions, and didn’t say Shelly’s name once. She was trying to cultivate Adam’s sympathy. Class…FLASHBACK yesterday 5:33pm

I’m disappointed with Adam as well. Before this week, if people starting trashing others, Adam’s MO was to walk away. That’s changed. In the BY, a little while later, A/S/P were ruminating on what the POV comp might be. Porshe said “Maybe it’ll be something a pregnant girl can’t play.” Adam: “Maybe it’ll be throwing a medicine ball at our stomachs.” Porshe laughs: “Yeah, and that would save Rachel 400 bucks for an abortion.” wow… Class all around. FLASHBACK 5:47pm BBT

Shelly keeps harping on how the other girls are “treating her.” They are not treating her at all. They are not speaking to her, is all. No trash talk. No ugliness. Jordan even worried about being “mean” to Shelly, hoping it wouldn’t hurt her daughter. Of course, Shelly continues to claim she’s “The Classy One.” This, while up in HOH, planning to cut up the stuffed animals,she and Porshe stole from J/R , and leave them in pieces. Kalia was the only one who showed any…Class.. by saying, “No, just leave them in the storage room.”

Stay VERY close to your LIVE FEEDS today. Today’s POV comp is live or die for three people in the house. Jordan, Rachel and Shelly…

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