CBS found a niche in the reality TV world and they will never let any of them die, as we will finish Big Brother 15 tonight and before that we get to see the premiere of Survivor 2013, which is now in Season 27. Add in The Amazing Race, which is debuting on September 29th for Season 23. That is insane, but when it works keep it going, huh? This should be an awesome season for Survivor Blood vs Water, as we see loved ones battle it out on separate tribes for that $1 million prize and title of Sole Survivor on Survivor 2013 Season 27! Watch the premiere tonight with me during my Survivor 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 - Premiere

For this new season of Survivor 2013, Jeff Probst is about to drop a bomb on these pairings. They are all headed to the deserted island thinking they will be competing with their loved ones and eventually one person will be crowned the winner. True statement on the one person winning, but these pairings will be divided into separate tribes and returning castaways will be competing against their family members!

That could throw a wrench into any plan they may have come up with working together this season! Also returning is Redemption Island, but with a twist. The island was where eliminated players would go and compete to stay and get back in the game eventually. Now, if a loved one is sent to Redemption Island, the other loved one can choose to save them and take their place on Redemption Island. The saved castaway immediately goes back to their tribe. If they choose not to save them, then they stay on Redemption Island and fight to stay in the game! That could cause some major drama on Survivor Blood vs Water!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Survivor 2013 Live Recap or see who got voted off Survivor Season 27 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…the castaways are arriving and do not know they will not be competing together. They will arrive and spend the night together in ten different spots on the island and get the surprise the next day! Hayden has arrived and he feels prepared, but his girlfriend Kat thinks it is her time to win! They find out they have to stay alone on the island and they are all freaking out!

Am I going to have to watch Rupert and his wife kiss the whole time? I am so glad they are separating them! A new morning has arrived and the castaways are arriving in front of Jeff Probst and Rupert and Laura kiss again. Jeff asks Hayden about Big Brother, so I guess he won’t be keeping that hidden.

Jeff tells them they will be competing against each other and not playing together and half of them are excited to compete against them. Brad said it will be hard to not think with his heart, which sets off an alarm and a target on him to not trust him!

They get their buffs and before we even get things started, each tribe is going to vote someone out!!! The newbies vote and they all vote out Laura, Rupert’s wife! Now for the returning players and they vote Candice with five votes, Laura with three votes and one vote for Gervase, so Candice is voted off her tribe. They are not out of the game, but will go to Redemption Island  and be the first two there. Jeff then offers the loved ones a chance to save their loved ones and Rupert does it with no questions, so he will go to Redemption Island and Laura will join the returning players tribe. John and Candice talk and they think she can beat Rupert, so she stays on Redemption Island and he stays on the newbies!

So, Galang is the returning players tribe and they arrive at their camp. They have a box with some supplies in it. They all wanted to play with Rupert, so now it looks like Laura will be a target. She is trying to prove herself, but it may not even be worth the effort? Galang Tribe is working well together and comfortable, but how soon will that change? Monica played with Colton before and was hurt and backstabbed by him, so she is not happy and they seem to mend fences, but is he for real and changed?

Tadhana Tribe is the newbies and they are building their camp and Brad apologizes for what he said and he will go 100% at every challenge and if they see he is not than they can vote him out and he will agree to it. Now Brad goes out with guns blazing and wants to setup an all-guy alliance, which worked for Hayden before on Big Brother. He is talking to the guys and they seem to agree with him, but I think this will hurt him. Don’t be too aggressive on Survivor 2013!

Side note: don’t some of these guys look nice in their underwear?!?!?! Much better viewing than Big Brother 2013!

Tadhana has no flint and no one knows how to start a fire, so they are not able to drink water and not doing well right now. We find out that Ciera got pregnant at 16 and Vytas spent a year in prison because of drug issues. They are all spilling their pasts right away, huh? He has 14 years clean and is trying to show his honesty and build bonds, so I think it could work well with him.

We know hear Colton’s story on Galang, as he was so bitter before because he was insecure. He grew up with no acceptance and that is why he was the way he was. He is trying to change and he breaks down, so did he really change or is this an act???

Over on Redemption Island and we see life with Candice and Rupert on Survivor 2013. Candice is doing all the work and Rupert is enjoying the benefits. He says he kills himself at the tribe and then loses Immunity Challenges, so he will not do that this time! Good thinking Rupert!

Okay, so Brad is being show way too much….he is voted off tonight?

The tribes get their first tree mail and time for the first challenge on Survivor 2013 and it looks like we might have a mother-daughter dual on the puzzles!

Immunity Challenge: they will swim and race through obstacles (six of them) and get on a boat to paddle back. There is a case in the boat and they will bring that to the three remaining players and put together a puzzle to raise the flag. First tribe done wins immunity and fire.

The Tadhana Tribe is working well together and get off to an early start. Galang Tribe was going strong, but then they fall behind and Gervase is struggling and he can’t make it through! I guess 13 years off is a long time, huh? He know can’t swim, so Aras has to help him! The Tadhana Tribe is off to a huge lead. Galang catches upand both are in the boat, but the returning players can’t paddle together and the newbies get to the island!

Yup, Colton has not changed and is not paddling well and Kat calls him out and he threatens to hit her over the head with the paddle! Both tribes are working on the puzzle now and the lead that Tadhana had is gone and Galang takes a huge lead. The daughters are getting schooled right now! They finish the puzzle and win immunity and flint for fire while Tadhana is still on the first bag! Colton starts crying and upset he may send his fiance home!

Tadhana Tribe gets back to camp and discuss the challenge and Brad is talking and talking and talking. They hated how Gervase gloated the returning players won and vow to never do that when they win. The guys meet and want to keep their alliance going strong for Tribal Council on Survivor 2013. Now Brad wants to target Marissa because of the Gervase victory celebrating. Now maybe Katie because she struggled with the puzzle. Vytas is connecting with the girls, so he feels bad voting one out, but he must stick with the numbers. Who do you think it will be?

Tribal Council time on Survivor Season 27: Hayden tells Jeff they don’t have fire. John has a breakdown about not saving Candice at the beginning. Brad talks about the celebrating and Gervase especially. Marissa shakes her head and was expecting them to be more mature about it. Vytas said that gloating could hurt the castaways here. Katie wouldn’t be surprised to get voted out because of the puzzle.

The castaways have voted and Jeff goes to tally them: Katie, Marissa, Marissa, Marissa, Marissa and Marissa, so she is the first person voted off Survivor Blodd vs Water and she heads to Redemption Island!

What do you think of the results tonight?

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