I have missed my Big Big Brother family this past week or so and am glad we have our time together still with Survivor 2013. We have another new episode in store for us tonight and it looks like Colton, who was a villain during his original season and came back during the premiere of Survivor: Blood vs Water and claimed he has changed. The previews for tonight’s episode make it look very differently and the old Colton returns on Survivor Season 27! I’ll have my Survivor 2013 Recap, so you will all be able to follow along with me!

Survivor 2013 Recap - Episode 2

Change of plans this week and for the rest of the season. I will still be posting on Big Big Brother and keeping updates whenever I can, but the new fall season has brought on much more work than I anticipated and Wednesday nights are a difficult one to cover for myself (working alone here folks)!

With that being said, I am still going to be recapping Survivor 2013, but the actual recap will be done over on Reality RewindI write for them on a daily basis and cover so many more shows than Survivor, including The Amazing Race coming up on Sunday and all the singing shows!

I will posts the links every week for the recap over at Reality Rewind and do some more posts, but it is just easier on me to do the one recap instead of trying to take on two at one time and have The X Factor going on at the same time and followed up by Top Chef Masters at 10pm. The finales and premieres last Wednesday night killed me, so I am going simple for now!

I am done babbling now and will give you the link for the recap tonight! You can comment and follow along there or follow along there and comment here! I still want your comments either way!!!!

For the recap for Survivor 2013 tonight, click here for the Reality Rewind story!!!

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