If there was ever anyone on Survivor 2013 that I did not mind quitting the game that would be Colton Cumbie, who threw in his buff last week on Survivor Season 27 and got a stern talking to by host Jeff Probst before he walked away from the game for the second time. In this Survivor 2013 spoilers video, Colton talks about quitting and leaving his fiance Caleb still on the island. Check it out below!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Colton Cumbie

The thing I find funny during this interview with Colton is that he talks about some of the moves he made while playing Survivor both times. He talks about quitting this time and he sees the big picture and people respond out of fear. This is coming from someone who quit Survivor 2013 because his tribe wasn’t having anything to do with his drama and he couldn’t get his way, but he wants to talk about other people being afraid???

Check out the Colton Cumbie interview here:

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