We have seen some new twists on Survivor 2013, with loved ones competing against each other on separate tribes and with the return of Redemption Island, but with a twist on Survivor Season 27. If someone gets sent to Redemption Island and their loved one is still in the game, they have that option of replacing them on Redemption Island and then their loved one would join their tribe. So, what does Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss think about this twist and would he save his girlfriend Kat Edorsson? Check out his answer in my Survivor 2013 spoilers video below!

Survivor 2013 - Premiere

This would be a tough question for anyone to answer because you don’t want to risk yourself going home, but then you also don’t want to see your loved one get eliminated either. With three people competing on Redemption Island, it throws another twist into it. Can that person finish at least first or second?

Check out what Hayden Moss had to say about it here:

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