Our Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss is doing well on Survivor 2013, even though his tribe has lost the first three Immunity Challenges on Survivor Season 27! He has managed to stay under the radar after forming another all-guy alliance. In the Survivor 2013 spoilers video below, he talks targets in the game and how he plans to fly under the radar!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Hayden Moss

He is playing a pretty good game right now and has not been mentioned as a possible castaway to be voted off, even though I thought he may be considered a threat since he is a Big Brother winner and the tribe members may get rid of him quickly!

That is not the case and now he is talking about making it to the merge and what his plans are if he makes it that far. He won Big Brother 12, so he has some smarts and knows how to plan things, so I think this is a great idea and we could be seeing Hayden Moss on Survivor Season 27 for quite a while!

Check out the video of Hayden Moss here:

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