Everyone has been anxiously waiting for tonight to take place, especially since it was announced that Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss would compete on Survivor 2013 Season 27. The time has come and the Survivor: Blood vs Water premiere starts tonight and we have some Survivor 2013 spoilers with a sneak peek at tonight’s challenge. It looks intense, so check it out below!

Survivor 2013 - Premiere Preview

I am a little confused with the description, as he says the tribes will be divided into teams of nine for this challenge. They each should have ten castaways, so did someone sit out on the first challenge??? Either way, this looks like an intense challenge, which happens to be called Blue Lagoon Bustle.

This looks like an intense challenge, as the castaways are doing all these challenges in the water and then come back and the remaining castaways have to put a puzzle together to raise the flag. We all know that Survivor 2013 loves their puzzles, so expect many more of these throughout the season.

It does look intense, but we also have to remember that these castaways are fresh and new to the island, so they can handle this intense challenge. Plus, they usually are fighting for some reward to use back at camp, so this is a big one! And no one wants to be the first tribe to go to Tribal Council or be the first castaway sent home on Survivor 2013! Check out the sneak peek here:

The Survivor Blood vs Water premiere starts at 8/7c and I’ll be here with my Live Recap!!!

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