I am back everyone with your weekly Survivor 2013 spoilers and recap, but is it Summer 2014 yet? I think I am ready for Cat and I to make our appearance on Big Brother 2014! Back to Survivor Season 27, it looks like we have some firsts coming up tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water. Check out what I mean in my Survivor 2013 spoilers video below!

Survivor 2013 - Week 4 Preview

Last week we saw Colton quit and I say good riddance! Then we saw the blindside at Tribal Council, as the Tadhana Tribe voted off John and he was sent to Redemption Island to join his wife Candice and Marissa. He had two clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol and that was a threat to his tribe, so they kicked him to the curb!

We may see another blindside tonight and a battle between a husband and wife at Redemption Island. Who else wants to see two people come back from Redemption Island, since they have three people there instead of the normal two? Those two people should be Candice and John and wreak some havoc on these tribes!

Check out the preview here:

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