Whenever Rupert Boneham is involved with Survivor, we tend to see a lot of tie dye that season, but for Survivor 2013 things changed and he ended up being the first castaway eliminated on Survivor Season 27! Producers added the twist of brining castaways back for Survivor 2013 and bring their loved ones with them to compete against! However, Rupert could not see his wife Laura Boneham head to Redemption Island within the first five minutes of Day 1 and he replaced her, which led to his elimination! Check our Rupert talk his elimination and time on Survivor 27 in my Survivor 2013 spoilers video below!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 - Premiere

It was his fourth time playing the game and I think many people thought this could be the chance for Rupert to finally take home the $1 million check. Not so much, as he ended up being the first castaway to leave the island and he never fully got to experience Survivor 2013, seeming he went directly to Redemption Island!

Check out an interview with Rupert the day after his elimination on Survivor 2013:

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