With Big Brother 2013 winding down next week, we have the start of something new to look forward to: Hayden Moss competing on Survivor: Blood vs. Water and many of you have asked and I have the official answer now! Yes, I will be covering Survivor Season 27 on BigBigBrother.com and we can all root on a former Big Brother winner as he competes for the title of Sole Survivor! Will you be watching with us???

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Cast

So, I won’t be having as intense coverage of Survivor 2013, I mean, we don’t have live feeds on the islands (which would be a cool concept)! I will be doing the live recaps of the new episodes and covering previews, predictions and any news/spoilers that might come up.

This is something new for Big Big Brother, but we figured that since there was one of our own competing this season and many of you were asking about it, we would give it a shot. I love me some Survivor, so I am pumped for a new season and think this twist of the returning players competing against their loved ones is so cool and may bring some spice back into a show entering it’s 27th season!

Survivor: Blood vs. Water premieres on Wednesday, September 18 at 8/7c and will be a 90-minute special. You know what comes on after it? The Big Brother 2013 finale, so that means we will all have three hours together that night! Who is pumped???

Join us on Big Big Brother for all your Survivor 2013 spoilers, recaps, news, previews, predictions and much more. Let’s watch together and root on Hayden! Find us on Twitter and keep up with us on Facebook.

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