Tonight on Survivor: Winners at War, we will watch as each of the castaways drop their buffs and the tribes are swapped! Where will your favorite castaway end up? Refresh this page frequently to find out! If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor season 40, check out our full recap right here to get all caught up.

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We started this episode off with Dakal reflecting on Tyson being voted out last week. Nick is happy he is gone but even happier that Tyson left him his Fire Token.

Sele and Dakal head out to meet Jeff and he tells them it’s time for them all to drop their buffs! The castaways are petrified! Here are your THREE new tribes:


  • Jeremy
  • Denise
  • Tony
  • Sandra
  • Kim


  • Rob
  • Ben
  • Adam
  • Sarah
  • Sophie


  • Parvati
  • Nick
  • Yul
  • Michelle
  • Wendell

Over with the new Dakal tribe, Wendell is trying to get to know his new tribe dynamic. Wendell realizes that Kim is the weak link and gravitates towards her. Kim then talks to Denise and that has Denise thinking that Kim might be willing to team up with Wendell and Denise to take out one of the other two tribemates if they should go to Tribal. Tony and Sandra are planning to try and rope Kim in, but Kim isn’t sure that this is her best option.

The new Sele tribe gets to their camp and Nick is pretty excited that he is currently part of the majority. Yul and Parvati are talking and Yul and Yul tells her that his wife is a fan of hers. Nick confesses to Parvati that he had a crush on her in high school. Michelle and Wendell are pretty awkward at the moment because they dated and ended on pretty bad terms.

The new Yara tribe gets to their camp and they have to build everything from the ground up. Ben is in a tough spot because even though he is part of the majority, he is with Rob and Adam. Things are super tense between the three guys and the girls are thinking that hopefully, they can pick one of them up to form a new majority. They all start looking for idols, but Rob hasn’t played very often with Idols and is kind of lost as to what to look for. Sophie manages to find an idol that she has to give half to someone else before sundown. She gives it to Sarah.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! Tonight the castaways will race through an obstacle course and then use sandbags to knock blocks off a ledge. They will then stack the blocks so that none of the colors repeat. The first tribe to finish will win Immunity. The first tribe to finish this is Sele and Dakal is not far behind them in finishing this task despite Yara’s lead for most of the challenge.

On Yara, Rob, Ben, and Adam all promise each other that they will not be writing down each other’s names. They discuss which of the girls they should vote off. It is mentioned that Sophie might be more beneficial to them in challenges, so Sarah is their target. However, there is no trust between the three of them so Rob tells them that in order for them to trust each other, they all have to stay with each other at camp all day. None of them like this buddy system ad Sophie and Sarah decide to get water and they are both pretty ticked off at Rob. Sarah also has a “steal a vote” advantage that could help them. Sophie also asked Sarah for her half of the idol back in case she has a bad feeling at Tribal.

It is time for Tribal Council! There was a lot of talk about how Rob, Ben, and Adam were all on Sele before and now they are together still. Sophie and Sarah talk about how they feel like Rob’s Buddy system was really a disadvantage to them, but Rob tells us that at some point or another in the game, they have all blindsided each other. Why would they work together now? It is time to tally the votes! Jeff comes back and tells them that if anyone has a hidden immunity idol now would be the time to use it. No one plays an idol and here are the votes:

  • Sarah
  • Rob
  • Rob
  • Rob

With three votes, Rob is the next person voted off the island! He leaves his 2 fire tokens Parvati. Looks like Sarah used her steal a vote advantage!

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