With four people on each tribe on Survivor: Winners at War, things are really starting to come down to the wire. We are at the point in the game where the castaways are trying to figure out who they can trust before the merge happens. Who can they work with to ensure that they can get to the end? Who should they try and get out before the merge? Find out what happens tonight on Survivor season 40 right here by refreshing this page frequently throughout the show. Also, if you missed last week’s episode, make sure you check out our full recap right here to get all caught up!

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We get a look at Parvati and Sandra getting to EOE and Sandra tells them how she ended up there. Rob and the others are questioning her decision to give her idol to Denise. They then start to tell Sandra about how they get one cup of rice a day and they have to hike a mountain to get it. Sandra tells them that she doesn’t have to convince them that this isn’t for her. She wishes them all luck and raises the flag to end her time on Survivor season 40.

Yul goes to talk to Wendell about some of the things they heard at Tribal Council about Wendell. Yul is worried about whether he can trust Wendell. The next morning, Yul overheard a conversation between Michelle and Wendell that was very passive-aggressive on Wendell’s end. Michelle tells us that she doesn’t want to move forward someone like that.

Back on EOE, Ethan is talking with Parvati about the struggles of being on EOE after being through the stem cell transplants. He talks about how his body isn’t what it used to be. He then walks over to get their clues near the flag. They each get a scroll out of a box and it says “scattered on the top of the mountain are four fire tokens, there is no limit to how many fire tokens one castaway can have.” They all sprint to start looking for fire tokens! Tyson found one, but everyone claims they don’t have any. We find out that Rob has the other three fire tokens and get a look at where he found them all. He couldn’t be happier about it either.

On Dakal, they are talking about Denise’s big play last week. There is talk between Denise and Kim about working together and Denise tells us that she feels solid with Kim and Jeremy. Meanwhile, on Yara, there is a lot of tension over the hidden immunity idol that Sophie has. Ben thinks Adam has it, Adam thinks Sarah has it, there is a lot talk about it. No one is claiming to have it, but instead of assuming it’s still out there, Adam is convinced someone has it and is lying to him about it. Which is actually true.

Immunity Challenge

In this challenge, the castaways will be carrying a large saucer to a water tower, they will fill it with water, and empty it into a well. They will keep doing this until the well is full and their puzzle pieces drop. The first two tribes to finish their puzzle wins immunity. The castaways are pretty surprised about how heavy these are without the water. Once the water is in the saucer and they start bringing it back to the well, the water starts falling out of the saucer. The faster they go, the more water they lose.

Yara gets their puzzle pieces on their first run, Dakal and then Sele are right behind them. All three tribes are working on their puzzle which has to be put together in the middle of their saucer. After an intense face-off with their puzzles, Yara is the first tribe to finish their puzzle and the second tribe to finish is Dakal just seconds before Sele finished theirs! That means Sele will be heading to Tribal Council tonight!

Pre-Tribal Chats

Back at the Sele camp, everyone is pretty frustrated with Wendell because if it wasn’t for Wendell talking crap and not focusing on the challenge. The literally lost by one second. Yul and Nick plan to vote Wendell, but tell him that Michelle is the plan. Wendell and Michelle talk and she tells him that she will vote for whoever Wendell wants and she has his back. His thought is to vote out Yul because he thinks Yul is coming for him. Michelle tells Yul that she is worried about not getting Wendell’s fire tokens if they vote him out. Mostly because she gave him hers. Yul has this plan to try and get Wendell’s fire tokens, which makes Nick think that Yul might be more dangerous than Wendell is. Michelle would really like to see Wendell go because of the bad blood there, but she knows that Yul is a big threat and can potentially win it all if they don’t get him out soon.

Tribal Council

There is a lot of talk about how different the game is today than it was when Yul played. They talked about how the fire tokens add an even bigger dynamic to it. It is time for the voting to happen! Yul writes down Wendell, Wendell writes down Yul, but who will Michelle and Nick write down? Jeff tallies the votes and tells the castaways that if anyone has an idol, now is the time to use it. Here are the votes:

  • Yul
  • Wendell
  • Yul
  • Yul

With three votes, Yul is voted out and sent to the EOE! Yul gives one of his fire tokens to Sophie and one to Sarah on his way to EOE.

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