Out of all the remaining castaways on Survivor Season 27, my favorite has to be Hayden Moss and I was saddened to see him voted off last week and sent to Redemption Island. As sad as it was to see, it does not mean that he is out of the game, but it definitely would be a harder road for him to be named the winner of Survivor 2013. You just never know, so follow along with my Survivor Season 27 Recap below!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Finale

Hayden may have won Big Brother 12, but this is a whole new game out on the island and he knows that. He has fought hard and needs a big win tonight at the duel on Redemption Island. Then he would have to come back and sweep the Immunity Challenges in order to get to the finale because that three-person alliance between Tyson, Gervae and Monica is not cracking! I am thinking (and hoping) he can do it. He is the most likable of the remaining castaways and the only one I would really be okay with seeing win!

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