The big news on Survivor Season 27 tonight is the tribes will finally make the merge together and the castaways will be fighting to see who is with who and we shall see some new alliances form! This is going to be interesting, as brother Vytas and Aras will get a chance to work together on Survivor Blood vs Water, so watch out for them causing some damage for a while! Follow along with our Survivor Season 27 Recap and see who got voted off Survivor 2013 tonight!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 8

Before the merge can happen, we have to see the final dual at Redemption Island between John, Laura M. and Laura B. The winner joins the other castaways at the camp for the new tribe! The pressure is on for this final dual, as all three of them want a spot back in the game for that $1 million prize!

For the recap for Survivor Season 27 tonight, click here for the Reality Rewind Live Recap!!!

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