When you are into Week 12 on Survivor Season 27, I could only imagine how hungry one of the castaways would be! It would make you even hungrier to see some of your fellow castaways mowing down on all this food while you sit there and compete in an Immunity Challenge to guarantee your safety. That is what happened to Big Brother’s Hayden Moss last week and he talks about it below in my Survivor Season 27 spoilers video!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Hayden Moss

During the Immunity Challenge last week, the castaways were given the option of trying to win immunity or just skipping out on it and sitting down and eating BBQ chicken and steak and salads and all this food while the other castaways competed. Tyson, Ciera and Gervase opted to eat, which would have killed me to watch! Hayden has his thoughts on it!

Check out Hayden talk here:

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