One of the castaways this season on Survivor Season 27 who I think did not get a fair shot is Marissa Peterson, who was voted off by her tribe during the premiere because her uncle, Gervase Peterson, seemed to celebrate more than her tribe liked. Yeah, pretty lame excuse, but I can understand it too. The Tadhana Tribe had just lost the Immunity Challenge and there is Gervase, who had to be dragged throughout the challenge, is celebrating the win on Survivor 2013? That fell on Marissa and she was voted off her tribe.

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Marissa Peterson

She managed to last on Redemption Island for a couple weeks and held strong in events I thought she would lose right away. I think she could have done some damage on Survivor Season 27, but it is Survivor Blood vs Water and her uncle hurt her case this season.

Check out Marissa Peterson talk her elimination and Season 27 in my Survivor Season 27 spoilers video here:

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