The last of the loved ones on Survivor Season 27 is looking to be in trouble tonight on Survivor 2013, as Ciera and her Mom Laura might be parting paths and Ciera may be forced to writer her own Mom’s name down. For $1 million, I think I could look past it if it was best for my game. However, Ciera will probably do it and then get voted off next week on Survivor 2013! Check out my Survivor Season 27 spoilers below for details!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 10

While Ciera might think it is the best thing for her game, I think it is the best thing for Tyson’s game and he is playing everyone right now and no one really seems to notice it. I wish people would open their eyes to that one, but they have been so focused on breaking up the loved ones this season that Tyson and his Hidden Immunity Idol just keep floating their way right to the finale!

Check out the preview for tonight’s new episode here:

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