How amazing was that Tribal Council last week on Survivor Season 27??? I am still buzzing about it and can only hope that the fun and drama and Tyson being called out continues tonight on Survivor 2013! I am most anxious to see the aftermath of that Tribal Council, as Hayden Moss “rustled some feathers” and Tyson is not a happy camper! That walk back is going to see fun to see!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 13 Preview

While Hayden did wreak some havoc at Tribal Council, the end results still left him a man/woman down and now him and Ciera have to convince Monica she is on the bottom with the guys and has a chance with them. Will it work??? I don’t think so, unfortunately! She has stuck with Tyson and Gervase during Survivor Season 27 and will not stop this close to the end. She has all those Immunity wins to fight for her case to win, but just needs to get there and I think she’ll stick with her alliance.

Check out the preview for tonight’s new episode here:

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