We have an exciting night of Survivor Season 27 ahead of us, as we get to see the lovely food challenge on Survivor 2013 and see these castaways struggle to down some pretty gross stuff. Then it is a double your pleasure kind of night, as we not only have one Tribal Council, but the castaways will be heading there twice! Two castaways voted off in one night? Gotta love it, so check out a preview below in my Survivor Season 27 spoilers video.

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 9 Preview

For the Immunity Challenge, the castaways will be taking on the food challenge and I am just glad it is not be downing these disgusting things. Then Tribal Council will be done twice! Time is running down on the season and there are a lot of castaways still remaining, so I guess it is time to weed some of them out!

Check out the preview here for what to expect tonight on Survivor Season 27:

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