We have another week of Survivor Season 27 tonight and that means another chance for these tribes to earn immunity and avoid going to Tribal Council. We would all want to make it through Survivor 2013 without going to Tribal Council and casting your votes with Jeff Probst, but in order to do that the tribes must win the Immunity Challenge, which looks interesting for tonight. Check out a preview of it in our Survivor Season 27 spoilers below!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 7

For the challenge, the teams will pass along keys and unshackle themselves. They will then go through a maze as a team and grab some balls along the way, but with their ankles still shackled! Then they will play some ladder golf using their shackles and balls they build. In the video, they only use four, but say they will have six since they had so much fun. It looks like all the tribe members will participate on this one!

Check out the preview of the Immunity Challenge tonight on Survivor Season 27 right here:

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